Lloyd & Bernadette

I work harder and I do more than other agents

Having had previous real estate sales experience, we decided to sell our own property. We were under siege from most every real estate agent out there, one of whom was Steve. They all received the same answer - thanks but no thanks. Despite our previous success, on this occasion, we did not find a buyer. We were just about ready to put tenants back into the property, or worse still accept a much lower offer than what our property was worth. Not being deterred by our original 'no', Steve contacted us again. Not convinced that Steve would offer us anything different from any other agent, we agreed to meet with him to listen to his sales pitch. Steve arrived with his Managing Director, Adam to tell us about Reval Beyond Compare. Our first and obvious question to them was "What can you offer that other agents don't?" Steve's very sincere answer was that "I will work harder and I will do more than any other agent to sell your property". Steve explained how they include more value than other agents. He spoke of the backup team that provides extra reach via digital marketing, bringing our property into view of more potential buyers. Nobody was more surprised than me when we succumbed to Steve's genuine and honest approach and signed up. Immediately Steve commenced delivering on his promise. Steve even rolled up his sleeves and assisted us with some maintenance items to make the property present at its best. Steve and the team then swung into action to market the property. The material was very professional, and our property was beautifully presented in the video footage. Within a week, Steve came to us with 4 offers in writing. We were delighted with this result and absolutely satisfied with the sale price. The contract went unconditional on time and is due to settle in two weeks. Steve communicated regularly with us and made the whole process easy. Our only regret was that we did not sign up with Steve on his first approach. Excellent work - thank you to Reval and Steve!

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