Investment Management

At Reval Estate Agents we are dedicated to creating value Beyond Compareā„¢. When deciding to get an agency to look after your investment property you will have the decision to choose a Property Management company or an Investment Management company like us.

Property Management Company
Look after the property in a way where it will hopefully not go backwards in value

Investment Management Company
Manage the property in a way where the yields will be increased and the expenses will be minimised

Some things your Reval Investment Manager will discuss with you :

  • Nocember
  • Tenants paying the water bills
  • Ways to add value to the rental price
  • Detailed analysis of the market
  • When to ask for an increase and when not to
  • Getting Depreciated
  • Be setup to sell when the time comes
  • Marketing to increase yields

These things combined will dramatically change the outcome of your investment property and what you take home in the pocket at the end of the year

System vs People

System vs People

We understand that there can be a big difference between property managers and the way they look after properties. Because of this we run systems that run people that consistently look after your property in the same way every time.

We have detailed processes on:

  • Sourcing tenants
  • Screening applicants
  • Detailed entry conditions
  • Arrears management
  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Property assessments
  • Vacates
  • Preparing investment property for sale

When you see the system running the people you will feel the confidence in using Reval Estate Agents to manage your investment.

Investment Management