why us

Selling your property is a big decision and we understand the emotional journey that it will lead you on. You have a set plan and need to appoint someone to ensure that you are going to get there. This is where we come in. Selling a property is fairly simple if you are happy just to be sold at any price. There are many buyers out there who are looking to purchase and property owners that will sell to them. We will not partake in just facilitating a transaction as that it not what we are about. Our whole entire product is about getting you a result that is Beyond CompareTM. To do this you will need to choose an Agency that understands how to leverage value and generate you a buyer on your terms.

Reval Estate Agents will get you moved for more money on terms that suit you. If the benefits that come with the Beyond Compare Model sound like a stress free way to have your property sold, get in contact with us so we can send a Reval Estate Agent out to demonstrate in more detail how it works.

The Beyond Compare Model

model-buyer Perception enhancing marketing
model-buyer Awake the whole market with Reval noise
model-buyer Buyer urgency
model-buyer Buyer competition
model-buyer Buyers that buy with emotion
model-buyer Set timeline for sale
model-buyer Offers on sellers terms
model-buyer Smash through price ceiling
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