Family Lifestyle

Yeerongpilly is perfect for family life. Both primary and secondary schools are within walking distance and are easily accessible while neighbouring suburbs, particularly St Lucia, are home to well-known and state of the art universities such as the University of Queensland. Parks and playgrounds are in abundance in Yeerongpilly. The expansive Allawah Street Park takes up a huge one third of the suburb, which all but adds to the real estate value. Including facilities such as barbeques, picnic areas, playgrounds, and creeks, it is no doubt that Yeerongpilly values it’s family lifestyle and is a perfect place to raise a family.

In addition, many recreational activities are within Yeerongpilly and the surrounding areas. These include The Queensland Tennis Centre and the Souths Rugby Union Club, offering competitive and recreational sport options for kids and adults alike. This is along with Yeerongpilly’s very own Brisbane Golf Club, perfect for both children and adults, creating an opportunity to join and get involved with the community while having fun.


History and Heritage

Yeerongpilly is home to a number of heritage listed and history rich sites. One of Yeerongpilly’s most notable features is the Animal Research Institute which was added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 2008. Founded in 1909, the Animal Research Institute was a science complex serving the agricultural sector of Queensland. This building holds a lot of rich history and has been an important facet of Yeerongpilly ever since it was established. Another notable development was the Brisbane to Ipswich railway line, which passes through Yeerongpilly. The railway was opened in 1875 and was undoubtedly an important development for the Yeerongpilly community, providing the locals with a convenient transportation infrastructure to make travelling to the city and other major suburbs easy.   

As well as this, The Brisbane Golf Club, a private, 36 hole, golf facility was established in 1896. This facility includes many amenities such as a pro shop and a driving range and is a famous feature of the suburb, providing the community fun and enjoyment.



Many homes in Yeerongpilly benefit from breathtaking city views, creating a picturesque cityscape of the Brisbane CBD. This is due to the hilly nature of the suburb and this fact alone adds incredibly to the market value, creating an unbelievable opportunity that must not be missed. As well as this, a small portion of the area borders the Brisbane River which would make for a great view itself. There are no questions as to why Yeerongpilly is such a sought out area.


Easy access

With conveniently placed public transport, there are two easily accessible train stations as well as major bus routes that are located on both Ipswich Road and Fairfield Road. It only takes a short ride to get to the Brisbane CBD, a grand location overflowing with an abundance of leisure activities and an animated nightlife. The Yeerongpilly railway station provides easy access to the regular Queensland Rail City network services to Beenleigh, Ferny Grove, and Brisbane. The Cross River Rail is planning on having its southern tunnel in Yeerongpilly. Yeerongpilly has many links with major motorways such as Ipswich Road which connects to the lively central Brisbane.


Growing Culture

Yeerongpilly is a multicultural rich area with a large Asian population and a growing African population. A recent census found that nearly 70% of the Yeerongpilly population was Australian born but majority had different backgrounds. The other 30% was made up of individuals that were born in England, New Zealand, India, China, and the Philippines.

By creating this sense of community that is culturally diverse, as well as allowing for family lifestyles to be such an important part of the suburb, Yeerongpilly and surrounding locations are prime areas for real estate. Partnering with Reval Estate Agents is the way to go, whether you are selling, renting or buying, our expertise and industry contacts can provide you with the best deals.

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