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Vital road corridors are instrumental to the growth of Sunnybank Hills as a favored destination for folks in search of a family house sale or rental. This suburb is bordered southwest by Beaudesert Road and south by Compton Road.

It is convenient moving in and out of this suburb as two roadways traverse across its perimeter: State Route 36, which runs north to south, and Hellawell Road, which goes west to east across Sunnybank Hills. Moreover, regular buses bound directly to the city serve the Sunnybank Hills area. The train stations of Sunnybank and Altandi are also nearby for quick transportation to central Brisbane.

Around the mid-1970s, the rural character of Sunnybank Hills and its neighbouring suburbs began to fade quickly with the growing influx of new housing. Sunnybank Hills in particular became one of the epicentres of new housing styles, especially with its becoming the base for the Suncrest Gardens display centre that by 1985 had 28 houses open for tours of prospective home buyers. 


Convenient to Amenities

As it could be expected, commercial developments followed the local real estate market’s vibrant activity. In 1976, the Pinelands Plaza shopping centre was opened. Ten years later, the Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown was established at the southernmost part of the suburb. This commercial centre is host to the supermarkets Coles and Woolworths, a K Mart, Priceline, Best & Less, The Reject Shop, Lincraft, Aldi, plus 75 specialty stores.

Other shopping centres in Sunnybank Hills include Shauna Downs on the corner of Wynne Street and Beenleigh Road and Centro Pinelands on Mains Road. Other prerequisites for community growth have taken firm roots at Sunnybank Hills. Amongst these is the local school—the Sunnybank Hills State School—which is located in Symons Road. The suburb has also proved a magnet for families of international students seeking to have a home base near the nearby Nathan Campus of Griffith University.

Likewise, Sunnybank Hills is home to the Autistic Children's Therapy Centre which set up its practice in Hellawell Road. The suburb hosts several churches, too, including the Southside International Church located on the corner of Pinelands and Beenleigh Roads, and Sunnybank Hills Uniting Church on the junction of Hellawell Road and Hillcrest Street.

The numerous ridges and hills in this suburb, plus its fair share of wetlands, have also set a framework for Sunnybank Hills’ various recreational parks. These parks are well spread throughout the suburb, and many of these sites provide a refreshing backdrop to Sunnybank Hills’ neighborhoods. One of the most-frequented local parks is the Avenue Park at Forestlea Place which is a cultural heritage site with a playground, picnic area, and bikeway. Also popular is the Robert Mitchell Park on Neath Street which offers a BMX facility and a basketball half-court.


Strong Foreign Buying

Like many of Brisbane’s southern suburbs, Sunnybank Hills’ development as a residential destination in recent years has attracted a lot of Asians, including many cashed-up home buyers. In one report, Asians were estimated to account for about a quarter of this suburb’s population.

Residents of Chinese descent dominate the foreign nationals who chose to live in and around the Sunnybank Hills area. Interestingly, the Chinese began establishing their presence in Brisbane as early as 100 years back. These early settlers from China found the early local farms quite fertile and suited to their expertise at cultivating market gardens.

However, it is the current crop of new foreign residents that created a strong impact on the Sunnybank Hills’ cultural mix as seen in the emergence of more Asian shops and restaurants south of Brisbane. The entry of these immigrants, moreover, provided a strong push to the local real estate market especially on its high-end segment.

Hence, browsing through house sale or home rental listings in Sunnybank Hills will show plenty of high-value family residences and townhouses. The top finds in this suburbs are luxury real estate properties within gated neighborhoods that command record-high prices in the million-dollar range.

Crucial to those engaging this suburb’s property market, a significant part of its deals is consummated via auctions which are best approached with a local area specialist. Call or e-mail us so we can bring our in-depth knowledge on this suburb to your advantage, whether buying or selling or renting a residence in Sunnybank Hills. Let our team be your partner in getting the most out of what this suburb has to offer.

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