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Stretton is one of the more wealthier suburbs in Brisbane and is home to some prime real estate. In the north west area of the suburb, you can find some grand, opulent mansions with most sitting on over 1000 square metres of land. If this wasn’t grand enough, Kardella Street is known by some as the ‘Millionaires Row’ of the Brisbane south side. It is the location of a number of huge and very luxurious homes. Some of these are situated on over 2000 square metres of land. A large majority of mansions found in Stretton are situated on one acre of land and have many luxury features such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis and squash courts and more. Kardella Street is also home to the largest single family private residence in Brisbane’s south side. It features with over 2000 square metres of living space with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and luxury features such as an indoor swimming pool, tennis court, indoor squash court, a recording studio, ten car spaces, as well as one acre of land. If you are not a millionaire, don’t worry. There are plenty of smaller places that aren’t mansions within the area, however, they do not differ in quality. There is no doubt that just about anyone can find their perfect home in the suburb of Stretton.



Stretton and surrounding suburbs are filled with many facilities and amenities which make this already great suburb even better. Stretton is home to the Hope Christian Assembly which is a multicultural Pentecostal Church associated with the Australian Christian Churches. Many other churches and places of worship are located nearby in the neighbouring suburbs of Stretton. There are also many schools and educational facilities located within Stretton and its neighbouring suburbs. Stretton’s major school is Stretton State College which is located in the southern end of the suburb. Other schools include the Islamic College of Brisbane, Kuraby State School, Kuraby State Special School, Runcorn State High School, Runcorn Heights State School, Sunnybank Hills State School, Calamvale Community College, and more.

As well as great quality schools, Stretton is a place filled with excellent parks and recreational facilities. Some of these parks include Compton Road Park, Hawthorne Avenue Park, Liquidambar Place Park, Peachtree Place Park, Penson Street Park, Presidential Park, Regency Place Park, Ian Lynas Memorial Park, Stretton Community Park, and Stretton Wetland Reserve. Some of these parks have some great facilities such as picnic areas, playgrounds, shared pathways, electric and wood barbeques, basketball half court, fitness stations and more. In addition to this, Stretton has some small but great local shops but is also in close proximity to Calamvale Village and Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre. It is also only a short drive to the major shopping area of Westfield Garden City Shopping centre.



Like most Australian suburbs, Stretton is a culturally diverse area. Census data revealed that only about 42% of Stretton residents were born in Australia while the next most common countries included China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and India. The data also revealed that approximately 41% of people living in Stretton spoke only English at home. The next most common languages included Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Korean.

The wealthier suburb of Stretton is a great place for anyone to live, especially if you are looking for a suburb or home with a luxurious feel. Contact Reval Estate Agents for an experienced team that will provide expert guidance whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent.

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