Popular Lookout Preserve

Mount Gravatt with its natural, gently rolling terrain provides a scenic vantage point for most local real estate properties. This hill’s summit, in addition, has a large picnic shelter built in 1914 that came to be known as the Mt Gravatt Lookout. It has grown as a popular destination amongst locals and visitors, as this picnic ground provides a striking panorama of Brisbane towards north. 

The Mount Gravatt Lookout is also now host to a charming café, Lovewell Project, with a kid’s playground, parking area and a garden at its rear. All of these hill attractions are easily accessible from the east by car via Shire Road or for the hardy, by hiking west from the Griffith University Campus and the Toohey Mountain Reserve. This nearby reserve west of Mt Gravatt is even larger and provides other outdoor recreational opportunities with its extensive bushwalking tracks and lush wildlife habitat.

The Mount Gravatt Show, a local agriculture fair held annually for over a hundred years now, is another local point of interest that contributes to this suburb’s real estate market visibility. This agricultural show is popular both for locals and tourists and is traditionally held each July at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds on Logan Road on the community’s eastern border.


Vital Community Facilities

Logan Road is notably one of the major corridors enabling access to the Brisbane CBD. Two bus companies—Brisbane Transport and local operator Mt Gravatt Bus Service—provide public transport to this community. Convenient access to the Gateway and Pacific freeways makes a strong sales pitch for Mount Gravatt real estate as well.

Market interest on a house sale or rental at Mt Gravatt further derives strength from the major facilities within or near this community, such as Westfield Garden City. This shopping mall is conveniently located a short distance south of Mt Gravatt on the flanks of Logan Road and Pacific Motorway intersecting with a stretch of Kessels Road. Closer even are the shops of Central Fair and Mt Gravatt Plaza at Creek Road near its intersection with Logan.


Well-established Schools

Its local schools further boost Mount Gravatt as a destination for real estate buyers. Besides the main campus of the Griffith University located east of the Pacific Motorway, this suburb is home to the Mount Gravatt State School whose foundation traces back to 1874. Adjacent north of it is the St. Agnes Catholic Primary School also on Logan Road.

A few blocks south of these two schools, Mount Gravatt State High School on Loreburn Street near the intersection of Stourbridge and Creighton Streets was opened in 1960. The school choices in this suburb also include Mount Gravatt East State School established in 1955.

These schools’ establishment notably followed the housing boom in the Mt Gravatt area during the postwar years. Amongst the concentrations of development was the Chester estate near Selborne Street as well as the area northwest of Creek Road where the Housing Commission undertook homebuilding projects.

Many of the houses in the Mount Gravatt area were built in the 1950s and 1960s. However, there are real estate developments which were completed more recently, allowing for a house sale or rental on townhouses and unit blocks.


A Small CBD

Due to the rich mix of amenities, facilities and housing types in Mt Gravatt, this suburb is oftentimes called a mini-CBD. This is more so given that the residents of this area are a varied lot as well, comprising of families, students, and young professionals.

Mount Gravatt residents, moreover, has an eclectic cultural background as this suburb’s early settlers were immigrants from England, Ireland and Germany. In more recent years, the composition of the suburb’s residents has expanded to include those from Southern Europe, South Africa, India, China, and the Middle East.

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