Great Place for Families

Mackenzie is a great suburb for families to reside and grow old in. Although there is only one school located within the area, there are many quality schools around in the neighbouring suburbs. These include Mount Petrie State School, Sinai College, Citipointe Christian College, Mount Gravatt East State School, Mansfield State Primary School, Brisbane Adventist College, Mansfield State High School, Wishart State School, and more. As well as quality schools, Mackenzie is home to many exciting parks and facilities. These include Mackenzie Park which was previously known as Gainsborough Avenue Park, Mt Petrie Road Park, Oak Place Park, and Taylor Place Park. These parks have some amazing facilities such as barbeques, picnic areas, playgrounds, shared pathways, basketball half court, fitness and exercise equipment, restoration sites, and more. Mackenzie is also home to the Mount Petrie Road Nature Refuge.

Due to its small size there are not many facilities located within Mackenzie. In fact, Mackenzie is a mostly residential suburb, home to only a few amenities including two churches, one school, a single petrol station, and as of recently, a fitness station. There are no small or large shopping centres within the area. However, due to its convenient location, many amenities are situated in the surrounding suburbs. Transport going to and from the area is easy and seamless. This is due to the Gateway Motorway being so close to the area as well as major roads such as Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road. Mount Gravatt bus services also frequent around the area. This makes travel to and from major areas such as the City and Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre so easy.

Over the last decade, there have been a number of residential estates that have been built which has seen hundreds of new houses being built.



The suburb of Mackenzie, like most of Australia, is a multicultural area and is very welcoming of others no matter their nationality. A fairly large portion, approximately 71%, of Mackenzie residents were born in Australia. The next most common countries of birth were England, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong. Approximately 80% of Mackenzie residents spoke only English at home while the next most common languages spoken were Cantonese, Greek, Sinhalese, Afrikaans, and Serbian.


Lifestyle and Market

The property market in Mackenzie is in relatively high demand when compared to the Queensland average for visits per property. This is probably owing to the great friendly and welcoming vibe that the suburb gives off but also its convenient location. The lifestyle of a suburb can often be influenced by the type of people that are living and residing there. Mackenzie’s top three type of residents include established couples and families, older couples and families, and maturing couples and families. This is testament to just how perfect a place this suburb is for families. Despite the suburb being located within Brisbane, Mackenzie retains a lot of the old fashioned community values. This is including a strong neighbourhood watch system as well as regular community events. This strong and tight knit community could be because the suburb is so small. This allows for residents to meet other community members and form friendships and bonds like no other suburb. According to data from the 2011 Australian census, Mackenzie had a small population of approximately 1,850 people.

This strong sense of community is hard to find in other suburbs of Brisbane, but Mackenzie is one of these suburbs that is small but tight knit. This allows for it to be a great place to raise a family as well as catering for independents. Whether you want to buy, rent or sell in Mackenzie, the team here at Reval Estate Agents is one of the best. Contact us now by email or telephone.

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