The suburb was originally part of an agricultural reserve proclaimed in 1861 and then was later subdivided that decade for farm allotments. It is thought that the name was derived from an Aboriginal word describing a local creek, but in 1885 when the South Coast Railway was opened, the local stopping place was named Spring Creek. Renaming it to Kuraby didn’t come until four years later. The area was originally used for timber harvesting and farming and the settlers that were there sent their children to school in the neighbouring suburb of Eight Mile Plains. A school was not opened in the Kuraby area until 1928. A change in urbanisation in the Kuraby area didn’t come until the 1970s. Then, in 1978, Kuraby was proposed as the site for the Commonwealth Games village. Although this didn’t change much, the Kuraby Hotel most likely confirmed that the urban location of Kuraby, with its railway station and proposed Gateway Motorway, was a coming development site. This came to be true in the late 1990s. In 1972, a larger primary school was opened and the original school near the railway station became a special school.

The area of Kuraby originally extended eastwards to Logan Road, the boundary being located between the Brisbane City and the Albert Shire. When the suburb’s boundary was moved to Millers Road, part of the original area near the railway station became detached and was put into a new suburb now known as Underwood. During the 2000s, several housing estates were developed and Kuraby was recognised as a convenient location due to having its own railway station and access to the Gateway Motorway and Pacific Highway.


Family Friendly

Kuraby is a very family friendly suburb and particularly attracts young families due to its vast amount of facilities to cater them. There are many kindergartens and quality schools within the area as well as the surrounding areas. These include Kuraby State School, Kuraby Special School, Islamic College of Brisbane, Woodridge North State School, Harris Fields State School, Eight Mile Plains State School, St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Rochedale State High School, Redeemer Lutheran College, Warrigal Road State School, Runcorn State High School, Runcorn Heights State School and more.

Not only does Kuraby have some excellent educational facilities, but the area is also home to many great parks and facilities. The local council has reserved large parts of native bush in the area surrounding many of the parks. These parks include Allingham Street Park, Bekker Place Park, Chesterfield Crescent Park, Franquin Crescent Park, King Street Park, Kinta Street Park, Kuraby Bushlands, Pioneer Drive Park, Sheffield Place Park, St Andrew Street Park, Svoboda Park, Voyager Drive Park, and Zingelmann Place Park. These parks offer facilities such as fitness stations, picnic areas, playgrounds, barbeques, circuit paths, basketball half court, basketball facility, sporting fields, fitness trail, shared pathways, a designated drone launching area, and more. Some of these parks are also home to organisations and clubs such as the Kuraby District Community Hall.

Another aspect of Kuraby that attracts people into the area is its community centre that is owned by the local council and run by a volunteer committee of local residents. They are responsible for looking after the building, making sure that the building is maintained and improvements are made. As well as this, getting to and from the area is an easy and seamless task due to the major roads running through the area as well as the Kuraby railway station which provides access to regular Queensland Rail City network services to and from Brisbane and Beenleigh.



Like most of Australia, Kuraby is a multicultural area that is very welcoming and accepting of others. Approximately 51% of Kuraby residents are born in Australia, while the next most common places of birth were India, New Zealand, South Africa, China, and England. Only approximately 54% of residents living in Kuraby speak only English at their home. The next most common languages were Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Hindi, and Urdu. Many different nationalities are represented in the area of Kuraby. The Muslim community has a mosque in the area while there is a Buddhist temple in a neighbouring suburb. Many other religions have places of worship either within the suburb or surrounding areas. According to the 2016 census, Kuraby recorded the largest Muslim community of any Queensland suburb.

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