Drewvale is a small residential suburb on the southern border of Brisbane with Logan City. It is 28 kilometres from the central business district of Brisbane, but still many people still choose to live here for many various reasons. One compelling attraction of Drewvale real estate properties, whether a house for sale or for rent, is the delights of country living that this suburb offers. It retains much of the rural air that it had when it was a farm of the Drew family during the latter half of the 19th century. The Drewvale name unofficially conferred to the suburb came exactly from its past association with this pioneer rural family. With more of its real estate being developed into residential communities, Drewvale was officially named as a Brisbane suburb in 1971. Much of its rural character still remained though even as its population gain has significantly picked up starting from around the mid-2000s.

Assets of Urban Forest

The Karawatha Forest Park, which spreads for 900 hectares northeast of Drewvale from Illaweena Street to Compton Road, is one the local assets that help drive the market demand on a house for sale or for rent in this suburb. This forest is one of the most expansive remnants of bushland within the confines of the city of Brisbane. It brings plenty of benefits to the environment of the local communities, especially to those immediately around it.

Drewvale’s proximity to this urban forest, for instance, helps in improving local air quality. Besides removal of air pollutants, a forested area likewise stores carbon, prevents droughts and floods, restores degraded soils, and supports water, food and energy security. In addition, forest parks like Karawatha offer enervating outdoor recreational activities.

Visits to Karawatha Forest Park can combine bushwalking and birdwatching within its expanse, plus availing of its playground, picnic lawn and barbecue facilities. The park likewise offers an educational experience in its Discovery Centre, the third of such a facility established by the Brisbane City Council.

Residents of Drewvale though need not go deep into the Karawatha Forest to experience some its delightful features. A slice of this bushland, the Karawatha Forest South on 303 Illaweena Street, is one of the nine parks right within the suburb. Besides its revegetation site, this park has playgrounds and a picnic area on Tamarisk Way.


Convenient Road Corridors

This leafy, undeveloped bushland and the Logan Motorway divide the residential real estate of Drewvale into northern and southern sections. The Gateway Motorway also notably runs on part of the northeastern side of this suburb, thus opening easy access not only to road corridors to Brisbane’s CBD but also to the city’s inner and outer suburbs.

With the major road networks that run through Drewvale, local residents are only some minutes’ drive to popular commercial centres. The retail chain Aldi has a location in this suburb at the southeast corner of Illaweena Street and Beaudesert Road. Other nearby shopping and dining hubs include those north: Calamvale Marketplace anchored on a Woolworths supermarket on Nottingham Road, the Calamvale Village on Kameruka Street, and Calamvale Central at the junction of Beaudesert and Compton Roads adjacent to the Calamvale Hotel.

Turning south of Drewvale, the Grand Plaza Shopping Centre at Browns Plains in Logan City is just as easy to reach. This neighbouring commercial precinct spreads just across Johnson Road, a road corridor a short distance from the southern border of Drewvale. Grand Plaza’s tenants include Aldi, Big W, Coles, Kmart, Target, Woolworths and170 specialty stores, as well as an Event Cinema complex. Browns Plains also frequently hosts a travelling circus and other special events on a main park area near Forest Glen Park and the local high school.


Neighbouring School Campuses

Another driver to market interest on Drewvale real estate is the Stretton College located just across this suburb’s northern border on Illaweena Street. Off north of this street, Stretton College offers its campus and facilities to secondary students. A bit south on Gowan Road, the college houses the school facilities for its primary students.  

In addition to its proximity to local school campuses, Drewvale is likewise convenient to child care centres, thereby making a house for sale or rent in this suburb a great pick for young families. Working professionals are likewise attracted to Drewvale because of the job opportunities in the nearby southern Brisbane suburbs of Heathwood, Larapinta and Parkinson, which are by and large industrial and commercial hubs.

The division of this suburb into northern and southern areas, moreover, allows for the masterful development of large and serene estates. These particular home choices are showcased in the Drewvale’s northern communities of Illaweena Gardens and Waterstone Estate.

Finding an available Drewvale home for sale or for rent poses a challenge though, as not too many residents move out of this suburb because of its superior quality of living. Available home lots in this suburb is likewise in short supply. But do talk with any of our real estate agents about sale or rental prospects in Drewvale. Our extensive real estate network can at any time provide a lead on a market opportunity in this real estate hotspot.

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