Great For Families

Drewvale is no doubt a great place for families to reside in. There are an abundance of schools and educational facilities in and around the area. Some of these schools include Browns Plains State High School, Stretton State College, both the primary and secondary campus, Calamvale Community College, St Stephen’s Primary School, Saint Bernadine’s Catholic School, Yugumbir State School, and many more. All of these facilities offer great educational programs and cater to all age groups. As well as schools, Drewvale has a vast amount of excellent parks and recreational facilities. Some of Drewvale’s parks include Barrallier Place Park, Dampier Crescent Park, Drewvale Bushlands, Eyre Place Park, Habitat Place South Park, Karawatha Forest South, Lapford Park, Macquarie Way Park, Muscari Crescent Park, and more. These parks offer some great facilities including picnic areas and shelters, barbeques, playgrounds, revegetation sites, shared pathways, and more. Drewvale Bushlands also holds many community organisations and facilities, particularly for junior cricket wicket.

Drewvale is also close to various shopping centres. The Grand Plaza along Browns Plains Road is only a short three minute drive away. There is also the Village Square Shopping Centre and other smaller shopping centres in and around the area. As well as shopping centres, the fact that the Logan Motorway and Gateway Motorway intersect in the middle of the suburb allows residents to have easy access to many great places and be able to get there in a quick and timely manner. A survey revealed that the top three types of people living in Drewvale included maturing couples and families, established couples and families, and older couples and families. This data is testament to just how great Drewvale is for all families and is a great insight into Drewvale’s lifestyle and vibe.


Prime Real Estate

There are so many great real estate opportunities that come up constantly in Drewvale. These opportunities are excellent for an array of people including investors, buyers, sellers, owners, and renters alike. There are a vast array of houses, units, and apartments that will suit just about anyone and everyone. Drewvale has a fairly high demand market, just topping the Queensland average for visits per property, so once a great offer goes up, it is snatched up straight away. With the ever growing public transport systems going to and from Drewvale, it is becoming an increasingly popular area for working professionals, couples, and families alike.


Multicultural Area

Drewvale, like most Australian suburbs, is a very multicultural area and the community is welcoming of everyone. Census data has shown that approximately 57.8% of residents living in Drewvale were born in Australia, approximately 10% below the Australian average. The next most common countries of birth included New Zealand, England, India, South Africa, and Fiji. The data also revealed that approximately 67.8% of Drewvale residents only spoke English at home while the next most common languages included Mandarin, Hindi, Cantonese, Romanian, and Arabic. This data shows just how culturally diverse Drewvale is and is a testament to its welcoming nature. This alone is one of the most important factors that entices so many people towards the area.

There is no doubt that Drewvale is an excellent spot to reside in, attracting so many people including working professionals and families alike. If Drewvale sound like the perfect place for you, reach out to the team here at Reval Estate Agents with any enquiries.

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