Family Friendly Area

Daisy Hill is a great little spot to raise a family in. Many families are attracted to and are already living within the area. There is an abundance of excellent, high quality schools both within the area and its surrounding suburbs. Some of these schools include Daisy Hill State School, John Paul College, Saint Edward’s Catholic Primary School, Chatswood Hills State School, Mabel Park State High School, Mabel Park State School, Kimberley Park State School, Calvary Christian College, Springwood State High School, Springwood Road State School, and many more. As well as these great primary and secondary schools, Daisy Hill is in close proximity to the Griffith University Logan Campus.

There is also a multitude of parks within the area for the whole family to enjoy. Some of these include The Village Park, Brentwood Drive Park, Old Chatswood Park, Lobelia Park, Parkway Park, Gladewood Park, Lynagh Park, Farr-Jones Park, John Paul Park, and more. All of these parks are filled with excellent features such as playgrounds, walking paths, bike paths, sporting fields and much more.

There are also shops in close proximity to the area. There is a shopping precinct at Chatswood Hills which features grocery shops, restaurants and health services. The Daisy Hill shopping centre is also in close proximity. However the main shopping centre which is close by the suburb is the Hyperdome at Loganholme. Many residents say that the neighbourhood is safe and spacious, and is overall a great place for families to reside in.


Conservation Park

A large part of Daisy Hill is a part of the Daisy Hill Conservation Park and could perhaps be the suburbs greatest feature. The park comprises of approximately 435 hectares of open eucalypt forest which is home to many native animals. The Daisy Hill Conservation Park provides a range of recreational activities, as well as protecting Australia’s wildlife, in particular, the important koala habitat. The park has a variety of amazing working tracks that are both relaxing and informative at the same time. The park also has an extensive selection of shared pathways allowing visitors to mountain bike their way through the bush, ride on horseback or simply walk. The day use area has barbecues and picnic areas. The most exciting feature, however, is the Daisy Hill Koala Centre which allows for visitors to view koalas from up close. The Daisy Hill Koala Centre was built by the Queensland Government and dedicated itself as a koala education facility. In 1995, the centre was first opened to the public and was last refurbished in 2018. The centre is nestled amongst eucalypt trees and features a an expansive outdoor koala enclosure as well as a multitude of interactive displays. The Daisy Hill Koala Centre prides themselves on their ability to teach the public about koalas and their conservation.


Prime Real Estate

Daisy Hill is filled to the brim with prime real estate, offering a bit of everything. Whether you are looking for a small one bedroom apartment or a spacious three bedroom house, Daisy Hill has it all. This alone attracts so many people towards the area, including people looking to buy, sell, invest, or rent. Daisy Hill has a high demand market. On average, Daisy Hill gets approximately one and a half times more visits per property than the overall Queensland average. These numbers are testament to just how amazing the suburb of Daisy Hill is.


Multicultural Area

Like most Australian suburbs, Daisy Hill is a multicultural area that is welcoming of everyone from all different backgrounds. Census data says that approximately 65.5% of Daisy Hill residents were born in Australia. The next most common countries of birth happened to be New Zealand, England, South Africa, Scotland, and Republic of Korea. The census data also showed that approximately 84.5% of people living in Daisy Hill spoke only English at home and the next most common language spoken was Korean. This multiculturalism brings the suburb a great community feel and represents it’s all inclusive nature.

Daisy Hill has it all; the prime real estate, the quiet neighbourhood, the welcoming atmosphere, the schools, the parks, but most importantly, the conservation park that is looking after our precious native wildlife and plants. If this sounds like the perfect area for you, contact the team here at Reval Estate Agents for excellent advice and guidance from our experienced and versatile team.

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