Excellent Transport System

The transport system in Coopers Plains is one of the best for an outer city suburb. With multiple bus routes running through Coopers Plains travelling to and from major areas such as Westfield Garden City, Brisbane City and the Central Business District, Parkinson, Sunnybank and more, going from point A to B is an easy and seamless task. To make things even better, Coopers Plains has the Beenleigh railway line running through the area. The suburb has its own train station, the Coopers Plains railway station, which opened in 1885. The Coopers Plains railway station is located on Henley Street and is served regularly by all stops from the Beenleigh line services that travels from Beenleigh, Kuraby, Bowen Hills, and Ferny Grove which is perfect for daily commutes to and from work or to just run some errands.


Academically Driven

Coopers Plains has many great schools within the area but also surrounding the area in neighbouring suburbs. These include Coopers Plains State School, Southside Christian College, St Thomas Moore College, St Pius X Catholic Primary School, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School, Brisbane Christian College and many more. Coopers Plains is also in very close proximity to the Griffith University Nathan Campus.

Coopers Plains is also home to many institutions. The Health and Food Sciences Precinct or HFSP is located at the Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services or QHFSS campus. It was opened in 2010 and included the Queensland Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases or QCEID. This precinct is designed to be a research facility for the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, CSIRO, and the Queensland University through the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation or QAAFI. As well as this, the Brisbane City Council operates a public library within the area which is located on Orange Grove Road and was opened in 1979. Furthermore, Coopers Plains is home to the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital. All of these great institutions within the area make it a great place for young professionals to start out their career.


Great Neighbourhood

Many students live in the area of Coopers Plains due to its close proximity to Griffith University’s Nathan Campus and also its fantastic transport system that make it quick and easy to get into Brisbane City to attend other universities such as the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology. However, renewal of parts of Coopers Plains real estate is being conducted and is bringing lots of new townhouses and units into the area. This, in turn, is attracting many young singles and families to Coopers Plains. Also as part of the renewal, old housing commission houses are being torn down for new units, townhouses, apartments or houses to give Coopers Plains a new, trendy feel. For this reason, Coopers Plains real estate has an average demand market. In terms of visits per property, real estate in Coopers Plains is staying level with the Queensland average. 

The lifestyle of an area or suburb can often be influenced by the type of people living there. A study shows that Coopers Plains is inhabited by mostly independent youth, established and older couples, and families. Coopers Plains is home to an array of cafes, restaurants, and takeaways. There are also plenty of community organisations for residents to get involved in as well as an abundance of sporting clubs. As well as having many quality kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, Coopers Plains has many parks and recreational facilities that make it a great area to raise a family. These include Baroda Street Park, Beryl Roberts Park, Brittain Street, Devitt Park, Dickenson Close Park, Gaddes Park, and The Village Avenue Park. These parks offer an array of facilities such as bikeway networks, both electric and wood barbeques, off leash dog areas, fitness stations, picnic areas, playgrounds, shared pathway networks, sporting fields including soccer/football fields, and a sports facility. These parks are also home to clubs and institutions such as the Coopers Plains Guide Hut and the Habitat Brisbane Group.

Coopers Plains is a quiet and clean neighbourhood that is great all round. If this sounds like the right place for you, join the team here at Reval Estate Agents for expert advice and guidance from our professionals on your journey to finding the perfect home.

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