Post-war Urbanization

The rural character of Carina and its surrounding localities began to become more urbanized after World War II.  In the 1950s, the Queensland Housing Commission tied up with Italian contractors to set up several public housing projects in this suburb. In one of these projects, 1,000 houses were reported built in Carina, all undertaken through the Commonwealth-sponsored imported houses program.

The rapid growth of Carina’s real estate market stimulated further improvements of its transport infrastructures including the establishment of a bus depot at Old Cleveland Road that defines the southern perimeter of Carina. Other radial bus corridors effectively serve this suburb besides Old Cleveland’s. The others are Richmond Road on its northern border and Meadowlands Road?Stanley Road cutting through Carina.

Several bus routes serve Carina’s three road corridors. There are limited-stop bus routes available too along the Creek Road corridor connecting major metropolitan centres across the city of Brisbane including the CBD.


Abundant Amenities

One source of pride for this suburb is the late Clem Jones, the longest serving Lord Mayor of the City of Brisbane and one of the prominent residents of Carina.  A surveyor by profession, Jones was elected city mayor in 1961 and held this post for 14 years. During his tenure, Brisbane developed beyond the old 10-mile limit and the city’s core grew into a high-rise centre.

A large sports complex built in Carina was named after the former mayor. This sports facility, the Clem Jones Centre, is located on Creek Road and offers various facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, and squash courts.

Other recreational facilities are available in several parks established in Carina. One, the Joe Bradfield Centre Park, hosts not only a playground and various sports facilities. It is also home to the Carina Library and the local senior citizens club.

Carina residents can likewise spend their leisure time at the Preston Road Park off Bulimba Creek, featuring a canoe ramp, picnic facilities, dog off-leash area, and skate ramps. Pastime activities can be enjoyed too at the Belmont Recreation Reserve, Ian Page Park, Joe Bradfield Centre Park, and Seven Hills Bushland Reserve.

Some of the schools serving this suburb include the Carina State School and the St Martin's Catholic primary school which opened in 1954 near Carina's eastern boundary. Another, the Mayfield primary school, started operating in 1956. It was followed by the San Sisto Catholic College which commenced classes in 1961.

East of Creek Road in Carina, there is a small mixed-use industrial and residential area contributing to the real estate activity in this suburb. A local shopping centre on Stanley Road is convenient to Carina residents. As easily, they can also access the nearby Westfield regional shopping centre in Carindale and the Cannon Hill Shopping Complex.


Vibrant Real Estate Scene

With its many amenities, Carina therefore has remained as a favored real estate buying destination even with the exponential growth of its neighboring communities. This suburb offers a rich mix of houses for sale or rent in different zones. There are choices of townhouses near local commercial hubs as well as a selection of post-war residences and upscale home options that provide scenic views on elevated land adjacent to Whites Hill.

It won’t be difficult for new residents to fit in the Carina community, as it has a population consisting of independent and maturing youth, families, older and established couples, as well as retirees.  Those who live in this suburb are typically professionals, managers, white-collar employees, technician and trades workers, and sales people.

Prospective home buyers, with the help of an expert local real estate agent, can find Carina houses for sale which are better-priced that those in its neighboring suburbs. Getting professional help in a search for a residence in Carina is critical because of this suburb’s vibrant real estate market drawing plenty of prospective home buyers, a situation wherein expert advice is a must to bag just the right deal. Contact our real estate team if you’ve recognized the merits of the Carina community. We can tell you more and walk you through all its real estate opportunities, whether it’s a rental or house sale.

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