Offspring of a Historic Community

Carina Heights was previously just a part of the historic Carina suburb off south of Old Cleveland Road. With the increased local real estate development and more residents pouring in, Carina Heights was split from Carina in 1975 to become a full-fledged Brisbane suburb.

Carina Heights is by and large a residential community which started growing rapidly sometime during the 1960s. During this decade, subdivisions began sprouting around Old Cleveland Road,

The foundations to Carina Heights being elevated as a suburb was laid as early as the mid-1960s. In those years, a post office and shops east of a Catholic Church and school was set up at the corner of Creek Road and Winstanley Street. A Methodist church in Anzac Road has been built by that time too. With its suburb designation completed, Carina Heights saw more subdivisions established in the 1980s on the fringes of Whites Hill Reserve at its southern edge.


Iconic Suburban Living

Carina Heights exudes the character of a quiet suburban community, a feature drawn largely from the natural bushland and wildlife in this suburb’s neighbouring White’s Hill Reserve. The topography of this reserve’s ridge notably undulates from the 105-metre high Pine Mountain on the west.

Besides its make-up as an oasis of leafy space, White Hills is being maintained as a recreation park encompassing 173 acres of native bushland. Here, visitors and local residents can enjoy picnics, hiking and recreational facilities developed between Bendena Street entrance and the Pine Mountain Road. Notably, the Brisbane City Council has upgraded the reserve’s playground for better access to people of all abilities. This playground is accessible from Boundary Road in the adjacent suburb of Camp Hill.


Abundant Recreational Spaces

Carina Heights also offers several parks amongst its many points of interest. These include the Olivia Drive Park which provides a basketball half court and playground, aside from being a habitat restoration site. Similar features can be found at the Buckley Street and at the Whatmore Street Park which has a bikeway. 

Other Carina Heights parks include the Anzac Road Park, Buckley Street Park, Gaffney Street Park, Jones Road Park, and Willard Street Park. Adjacent southeast of this suburb, the Pacific Golf Club provides membership privileges on its links off Pine Mountain Road.


Walkable Shopping Centers

For the convenience of Carina Heights’ residents, a small local shopping area has been opened in the middle of this suburb at Winstanley Street. Another shopping strip in Old Cleveland Road provides an alternative to residents. More delightful retail choices are as easily accessible on the east side of Creek Road at the regional Westfield Carindale shopping complex. Notably, many of Carina Heights’ neighbourhoods are walking distance to this popular mall.

Carina Heights is likewise the site of the Belmont private psychiatric hospital which is located near the corner of Old Cleveland and Creek Roads. South of this hospital where there once was the Catholic Church and school, there is now a townhouse estate.

There are no schools within Carina Heights itself, but there are plenty of options in its neighbouring suburbs. These include as Mayfield State School in Carina, Whites Hill State College in Camp Hill and Belmont State School in Carindale. Also near Carina Heights are the state schools of Mount Gravatt and TAFE Queensland Mount Gravatt campus.

Several bus lines provide Carina Heights direct public transport services to the central Brisbane. Weekend trips by motor car to the CBD should take just some 15 minutes. With the Gateway Motorway stretching a short distance east of this suburb, trips going south to the Gold Coast and driving north to the airport would be just as easy.


Friendly Small-town Feel

Carina Heights’ small-town setting has fostered quiet and friendly neighbourhoods. Overall, real estate agents would recommend this suburb to singles and professionals, families with kids, and retirees.

Prospective renters and home buyers can find a wide range of housing styles in Carina Heights. The choices include not only workers cottages and traditional Queenslanders but also post-war chamferboard homes and modern brick and tile houses. Semi-detached dwellings and flats also constitute the housing stock in Carina Heights. Most conspicuous amongst the choices though are the new builds of stylish townhouses in this suburb.

There are various other things to consider when choosing from amongst these dwelling types, whether it’s a house sale or a rental property. Make that choice quicker and more educated, consult our team of experienced real estate agents whom you can easily reach by phone or e-mail. We’re here always ready to serve your home-search needs.

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