Solid Community Foundation

Camp Hill’s evolution as a Brisbane suburb started around the mid-1920s, coming on the heels of the growth of its neighbouring communities in Carina, Carina Heights, and Carindale. Sturdy foundations were established during that decade, including local transportation infrastructures, to support the area’s booming real estate market.

Residences soon began to multiply in Camp Hills’ erstwhile dormant area. Its steady rise amongst the prime suburban home buying destinations in Brisbane drew much more strength from the subsequent opening of the Catholic St. Thomas Church, the Camp Hill Methodist Church, a state school, and a post office in its locality. In 1940, a school of arts was opened too at the corner of Wiles Street and Old Cleveland Road.

Even during World War II, Camp Hill did not fall out of the limelight, as an observation site of the Australian Army was set up in this suburb, again attesting to the vantage point that this community has. Additionally, the U.S. Army left an imprint in Camp Hill with the large hospital it built in this suburb during the war. Several streets in the community still follow the same layout as the hospital roads that the Americans built.


Strategic Roadways

Two major local roadways cutting right across Camp Hill are sources of strength too for this suburb’s real estate properties, given the convenience these transportation infrastructures provide to local residents.

Old Cleveland Road is one of these road corridors and runs eastwards and westwards roughly through the center of Camp Hill. The other is Boundary Road similarly positioned midway of the suburb but stretching northwards and southwards. Conventional diesel buses now provide public transport in Camp Hill and its neighbouring suburbs, essentially following the same routes of the electric trams and trolleys that served Brisbane in yesteryears.


Treasure Trove of Amenities

Early postwar years saw Camp Hill growing as a suburb in earnest, with new houses added to those built south of Old Cleveland prior to the war. With the new home construction and a growing local consumer market, a retail centre set up shop along Old Cleveland Road, in addition to five mixed businesses in residential streets. The stature that Camp Hills has continually established as a population centre eventually led to its being officially designated as a suburb in 1975.

Subsequently, even more amenities became available at Camp Hill. There is now a local shopping centre in Boundary Road defining Camp Hill's central north?south axis. An alternative for shoppers is the Centro Samuel Village in Whites Hill which flaunts several major retail chains. Shopping choices for  residents further improved with the 1979 opening of Carindale's Westfield shopping centre, located just three kilometres to the suburb’s east in Old Cleveland Road.


Leisure Activities Guaranteed

Whites Hill Reserve on the southern edge of Camp Hill offers great recreational activities for local residents. This 171-acre reserve features walking tracks, lookout points, and picnic areas, plus playing fields and a marvelous playground.

A bowls club at Ferguson Road provides another option for local recreation or for sports. More are available in the suburb’s Perth Street Park. Here, the facilities include a cricket field, outdoor/fitness equipment, skate ramps, picnic area, pathway network, and an upgraded playground. Recreational venues as varied, along with superb schools, are readily accessible too at many of the suburbs flanking Camp Hills.

Property developers have recognized this suburb’s real estate market strengths and have been actively seeking old post-war homes for demolition and building more high-end residential choices. This trend has been so prevalent that the city council has adopted regulatory controls on house demolitions so as to help preserve Camp Hills’ charming character so well-loved by its residents.

As a result, prospective home buyers as well as renters in Camp Hills can find varied residential types built at different eras and offered at varying price points. Finding the right choice need not be that difficult. Avail of our real estate agents’ in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in Camp Hill and the suburbs around it.  Our team can help you move in quick into this community which has become a darling to lots of happy residents.

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