Calamvale was named after an early settler, James Calam, who was also a prominent landowner in the area. He was the districts oldest European resident while his son also had a lot to do with forming a local progress association. Calam and his family built their own homestead on a hill located near the end of Calam Road near Beaudesert Road which is now where the Calamvale Hotel is located. The area was known as Calamvale long before it was listed as a suburb officially in 1972 which before, had formed part of the outlying area of Acacia Ridge. Urbanisation of the area took place around the early 1990s and there were several stages of development.


Great for Families

Calamvale is a great suburb to raise a family in. Apart from the great community Calamvale is home to, it is also home to great amenities. Some believe Calamvale has some of the best educational facilities. The main schools of the area include the Calamvale Community College; a co-educational, independent state school which combines both primary and secondary school and was established in 2002. There is also a Calamvale Special School. Neighbouring suburbs also provide quality schooling. The main one being Stretton State College which is located just outside the Calamvale border.

There are also many amenities that Calamvale has to offer. This includes many sporting clubs but perhaps its most well known club is the Calamvale leopards which are the local Australian Football League team. As well as this, there are many parks that Calamvale is home to. These include Algester Road Park, Alpinia Place Park, Beaudesert Road Park, Borage Place Park, Bundabah Drive Park, Calamvale District Park, Caravonica Court Park, Clembury Place Park, Currajong Street Park, Cyril Sims Park, Eden Elm Street Park, Hamish Street Park, Highlands Drive Park, Honeysuckle Way Park, Juxgold Place Park, Ming-Shan Park, Parkland Street Park, Peden Court Park, Sunflower Crescent Park, Tristania Close Park, Yewleaf Place Park and many more. Some of the facilities these parks offer include playgrounds, picnic areas, barbeques, bikeways, pathway networks, half courts, rebound walls, shared pathways, fitness stations, off leash dog areas, sporting fields and more.

Calamvale has two of its own small shopping precincts. One of them, Calamvale Village shops, are located on Kameruka Street, north east of Calamvale Community College.

Transport to and from the area of Calamvale is excellent. Although there are no train stations within the area, Altandi and Runcorn stations are only a short car ride away. The area is however serviced by nine bus routes operated by Brisbane Transport and Park Ridge Transit.


Eco-friendly Features

Calamvale is home to an eco-friendly feature called the Golden Pond Wetlands which is attached to the Calamvale Creek. A natural creek and a riparian wetland runs through the lower part of the suburb. During the late 1990s, two wetlands were constructed and built upstream of the creek on either of Golden Avenue. These constructions relied on storm water runoff and provided a small wildfowl habitat and storm water treatment train that were designed to improve the quality of stormwater runoff as it travelled down the creek. The treatment train purifies water as it flows through its several parts. It was designed so that water would run through an upstream storm water drainage channel which was connected to a sediment basin to allow better quality water to flow into one of the wetlands. The water would then flow into the second wetland by going through a gross pollutant trap, which, originally, was a small farm dam on the southern side of the Golden Avenue road bridge. Water would then overflow from the second wetland and into a natural riparian wetland that was fringed with melaleucas. This would then run into a natural creek with small lagoons.

These wetlands as well as the creek also provide a home and retreat for the wildlife. These include ducks, spoonbills, herons, water dragons, turtles, eels and large numbers of other wildfowl and animals. Ever since the construction of the wetlands and the treatment train, the quality of the water has increased. Environmental engineers from Griffith University have conducted a number of studies on the water quality both at the creek and the wetlands. They have even presented their papers at conferences around the world, mainly commenting on the design and effectiveness of the treatment train.

Calamvale is no doubt a great suburb that will welcome all with open arms. Not only does it show initiative for a greater future, but is also located at a central location which allows for convenience. At Reval Estate Agents, there is an experienced team that will inevitably provide you with everything that will be needed to buy or rent a home in Calamvale. Come join us and let us guide you on this very exciting journey.

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