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Much of Belmont has remained as undeveloped blocks of bush land with large rural properties, however, some areas have been built up into residential estates. This suburb has become a wealthy area and is home to large estates that sit on acres of land. Homes in Belmont can range from 330m2 all the way to 930m2 and more. This mix of varying housing and block sizes give Belmont a country feel without the inconvenience of being far away from needed amenities. However, despite being one of the wealthier suburbs, Belmont’s property market has a reasonable value for money. The real estate in Belmont is in high demand which is not without reason. Belmont is situated in a prime location that is close to everything. This suburb provides easy access to the Gateway Motorway in both directions and is only a short five minute drive from the Westfield Carindale major shopping centre. As well as this, Belmont is serviced by Brisbane City Council buses that frequent the area regularly.


Family Friendly

Belmont has been described as a quiet and convenient area that is great for families. Not only is it close major areas of Brisbane, Belmont provides its own great services within its boundaries. There are many schools located in the area, the most major being the Belmont State School, a public school which opened in 1876. As well as this, there is a Belmont High School and even more great schools that are located in neighbouring schools.

Some of the suburb is quite rural and there are blocks of bushland. This makes Belmont have a very green landscape despite the residential areas. Belmont offers many parks for both the young and old to enjoy when in need of a day out of the house. These include Cassandra Crescent Park, Glenavon Street Park, Iona Close Park, Pinnacle Place Park, She-Oak Park, Summit Street Park, and Thredbo Place Park. All of these areas provide many amenities such as playgrounds, picnic areas, barbeques both electric and wood, and bikeways. Some of these parks are located within the estates, providing the area with an open feel and friendly atmosphere.

As well as this, neighbouring areas also offer big and exciting parklands, the most major being the Minnipi Parklands. These parklands border Bulimba Creek and are located on the other side of the Gateway Motorway, offering great amenities such as over seven kilometres of bike tracks.

There are a multitude of activities that Belmont has to offer for both children and adults alike. Perhaps its most famous is the Belmont Rifle Range which hosts a number of sport shooting clubs. It was also the hosting venue for the shooting events in the 1982 and 2018 Commonwealth Games. It was also the site for the 2011 World Long Range Championships. Belmont also offers many other local sporting competitions and clubs for all ages.

Neighbouring suburbs also offer many amenities to the suburb of Belmont. Just outside of Belmont’s border in the neighbouring suburb of Chandler, there is the Sleeman Sports Complex as well as the Brisbane Aquatic Centre and the Anna Meares Velodrone. Despite all the facilities Belmont and neighbouring suburbs have to offer and although two of Brisbane’s main roads, the Gateway Motorway and Old Cleveland Road, run through Belmont, traffic is relatively light throughout the area and only comes from the locals.



Like most of Australia, Belmont is a multicultural suburb. Studies and data show us that approximately 73% of Belmont residents were born in Australia. The next most common countries of birth were New Zealand, England, South Africa, Italy, and China. While a large portion of residents in Belmont, approximately 82%, spoke English at home, some did not. The next most common languages spoken were Greek, Italian, Hindi, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Perhaps most interestingly, Belmont has some indigenous background. Both before and after white settlement, local indigenous people used to hunt and camp within the creeks and hills of Belmont. A corroboree ground once existed on the banks of Bulimba Creek.

Belmont has some prime real estate up for offer and although it is a slightly wealthier suburb, Belmont has great value for money due to its great location and endless amenities. Whether you’re looking for a small home or one that expands over acreage, Belmont will have the place for you. Join the team at Reval Estate Agents for expert advice and guidance and let Belmont’s country charm suck you in.

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