Klea Cunanan

As a core team member and head of the support team, I have a pivotal role at Reval. I make things happen behind the curtains. I provide support to the sales staff, taking care of any backend duties that can be performed and thus freeing up the Reval Estate Agents team to provide its clients and customers with the best possible service.

I take care of many of the behind the scenes administrative tasks, such as webpage maintenance, website back end and data bases, property listing and uploading, banking and accounts receivable, as well as the start to end processes for all properties, from listing to settling.

My non-administrative duties include, advertising, marketing, and e-marketing. It’s knowing that the support I’m giving the Reval team, that I’m helping them to remain so customer focused and, therefore, successfully enable people to actually make their goals and dream homes a reality, that makes my role so satisfying.

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