June Van Der Merwe

My motto in life is, “If you believe in it, fight for it!”

I like to describe myself as professional, driven, structured, positive and always aiming to deliver my best, regardless of the situation’s requirements. When pressed to sum all that up, my usual answer is, ‘I am an extremely clever blonde…’

I have been a Risk Manager for more years than I care to disclose, which means I’m capable of always applying the correct strategy to minimise risk exposure for all concerned, as well as being able to anticipate and prepare for any necessary risk intervention. I was appointed by Reval Estate Agents as their Compliance Manager in July 2015.

In my role, it’s important to me to ensure that all the policies, procedures and processes we implement succeed in assisting our clients and employees to reach their specific goals, with the minimum of hassle and red tape. Ultimately, my main focus is to consistently allow our clients to enjoy the best service possible.

Along with my risk managing qualifications and experience, I’m also a qualified Voice Stress Analyst. This skill comes in extremely handy during investigations and negotiations, particularly if someone is being less than generous with the truth!

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