Why Carindale Agent Adam Scott Moved

Why Carindale Agent Adam Scott Moved


I have made the move to be part of this exciting new brand because I grew sick of seeing the effects of the old tired real estate model of volume turnover in favour of quality service that is practiced by most agencies.


I have always prided myself on my service. For years had people responding to me positively and saying things like “I wish all agents got back to me so quickly”, or, “you are so much nicer than the other agents I have come across”. I was hearing comments like this time and time again.


I had been considering creating my own business for some time, when I found this dynamic new brand and discovered that it was aligned with my customer service ethic. Now as Managing Director I will be able to help drive and shape the direction of this brand.


Real Estate transactions have changed a lot over the years, and we at Reval have adapted to suit the times, and aligned ourselves with the needs of people in a modern world. This is down to the way we communicate, our level of service, how we market our properties and ourselves.


We have and are, continually adopting new technologies and practices so we remain at the cutting edge, we are an innovator rather than a follower.


As an agent, I find I will now be able to add services to my offering that will make the process of buying and selling much smoother, the Beyond Compare Model offers so much more than people normally get from an agency. It’s about going the extra mile and delivering a great value for service offering.


As a business leader it’s about delivering this service offer consistently to all our valued clients. This is where we will differ from the old firms. Consistent high level service and a brand you can trust on every front.