How to Make an Offer on a Home

Do you ever wonder how to make an offer on a home? Or what to do after your offer is accepted? Are you thinking that this can be a difficult task to deal with? Well, you are right. Whether before...

Home's Street Appeal

Boost your home’s street appeal!

If you want to know what the most overlooked area of pre-sale home preparation is, then look no further than your street appeal. Think about it. This is the first impression of your home that all buyers see, both in...

Brisbane House Prices Tipped to Rise in 2021

Prices are up lately and are tipped to rise further in 2021 according to some of the most respected economists in Australia. The rise is predicted due to low interest rates, buyer incentives, and the improvement in the job markets...

How Lending Criteria Relaxations Will Impact the Real Estate Market

Last year, the Royal Commision made a point that banks were not being “responsible lenders” for most of 2019, and this has led to overly restrictive responsible lending rules. Now, the Australian government has done something to make a backflip...

Reval Monthly Market Wrap 4122 – August 2020

Our monthly market wrap for the 4122 postcode with local stats and sales.

Should you Professionally Style your home when selling?

Have you ever thought about styling your home but just not sure whether it is worth it or not? If the answer is yes, then let us help you more understand the advantages, and how it can become an amazing...

Reval Monthly Market Wrap 4109 & 4113 – July 2020

Our Monthly Market Wrap for the 4109 & 4113 Postcodes with Local Stats and Sales.

Reval Monthly Market Wrap 4122 – July 2020

Our monthly market wrap for the 4122 postcode with local stats and sales.

Real Estate Price Trend Predictions for the Rest of 2020

We are now in the second half of this year, and the world has already changed dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic or what we call COVID-19. This is a crisis like no other and it’s bringing substantial uncertainty about...

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