What to Know about Brisbane’s Real Estate Market

What to Know about Brisbane’s Real Estate Market

Just to give a brief introduction, Brisbane is considered to be Australia’s fastest-growing city,  for both population and employment which is why you will find a lot of of students, and young, skilled professionals living here.

Now, in terms of real estate, Brisbane has already proven (and is consistently proving) its worth to a number of homebuyers, sellers, and property investors that come from various cities in Australia. In fact, early this year, Brisbane has just been tagged as the most stable city in the country; which, as a result, allows even more Aussies to gain confidence in the city’s booming real estate market, and to buy or invest in a property.

Several experts and property strategists also agreed that Brisbane City’s continuous development will stay strong for a long period of time, matching that of Sydney and Melbourne. One essential factor for this growth is Brisbane’s improved tourism that invites a great percentage of tourists and permanent residents to relocate from other Australian states and even from other countries. A few of the historical buildings and museums in Brisbane add emphasis to the city’s sophisticated culture, together with these following places:

  • City Cats
  • Cultural Centre
  • Story Bridge Adventure Climb
  • South Bank
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens
  • Customs House
  • Queen Street Mall
  • Moreton Island

The Queen Wharf Brisbane, the newest project that’s currently being developed in the city, will surely excite hundreds of people to come in and visit. This unique and interesting development is also going to serve as high quality public spaces to lots of residents, especially during huge celebrations or festivals in the city. Aside from those, several older properties have also been demolished to make rooms for newer apartment towers and homes in the inner city area.

Indeed, now is the best time to live and own a house in the so-called maturing city of Brisbane. Besides the benefits of its tourism, another thing you can take advantage of the city is the inexpensive price of its properties. It’s true that Brisbane is catching up with Sydney and Melbourne when it comes to the rising growth of their real estate market, however, Brisbane is certainly way out in front with regards to “affordability”.  Brisbane's properties cost approximately 50% less than that of the other two major capital cities, but it definitely doesn’t follow that its housing quality is poor. As a matter of fact, you can get way more for your money if you buy a property in Brisbane rather than Sydney or Melbourne. This is because aside from Brisbane’s affordable property prices, houses here all have style and elegance that appeal to the eyes of the buyers.

To make you more convinced, here are our hottest and latest properties for sale in Brisbane. Remember, buy smart and you will not regret even a single penny. Contact Reval Estate Agents at 1300 427 247 to find out more about your dream property.