How to Turn the High Flux Market to Your Advantage?

How to Turn the High Flux Market to Your Advantage?

Property markets around Australia are in a high state of flux, but knowing and doing the right thing can still lead to great outcomes.

The real estate market in Australia has entered a phase of notable change. Cities and suburbs that have been leading on price growth have already passed their peaks, while some which have underperformed in the last few years are now showing better results. On the other hand, others that did not get through due to local conditions are currently displaying signs of recovery.

In Brisbane, property market has also been experiencing constant changes. Despite some individual sectors showing good price growth, the general trend has only been very moderate. The state economy has been underperforming and so too has the capital city property market. In fact, according to most research sources, house price growth is averaging around 3% or 4% per year in recent times.

However, new data shows two significant changes: Queensland is gaining more from interstate migration than any other state, and the state is now creating more jobs than any other state. Since the beginning of 2017, according to ABS figures, Australia has created 202,000 new jobs and 71,000 of them have been in Queensland, outperforming NSW, which has been in second place.

Now with jobs being created, population growth rising and interstate buyers showing greater interest in Brisbane because of the price differential with Sydney and Melbourne, better things are expected.

In spite of these major great changes though, investors still need to be careful about where and what they buy. Learning which markets should be avoided, and determining when to get in and when to get out are two most important things to keep in mind to stand a better chance of succeeding and making a bigger profit.

Don’t risk. Instead, learn where the real estate market is going to serve you best and buy there. Australia, after all, is blessed with different state-based property market cycles that all have different patterns. And as someone who wants to buy a property, you just have to pinpoint where you are in the cycle no matter what the market is doing.

What you can do is seek the help or engage the service of local real estate agents who are best equipped to develop and implement a strategy to provide solutions to meet your needs– especially with these constant evolution and ever changing markets happening at present.