Sunnybank’s Real Estate Market Truths You Must Know

Sunnybank’s Real Estate Market Truths You Must Know

The Old Chinatown… as they say.

Today, Sunnybank and Sunnybank Hills in Brisbane serve as a must-go place to those who are wanting to taste the vibe of Asian food and culture, as most restaurants, bakeries, malls and other businesses in the suburb are owned and run by different Southeast Asian entrepreneurs.

Sunnybank is a home to a lot of Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese migrants. More than 40% of its population were born abroad and looking for either a high quality education or opportunities that can help them improve their business. Notably Market Square and Sunnybank Plaza, the biggest and most accessible shopping centres in the suburb, are also dominated by numerous Asian shops and cuisines.

Sunnybank’s Real Estate Market

According to data, the average visit per property in Sunnybank is 393. This is especially good for a suburb gifted with prestigious housing arrangements, great accessibility, as well as an open space that provides recreational opportunities for its residents. The buyer demand in Sunnybank is certainly strong and in fact, the median house prices in Sunnybank have been predicted to continuously grow throughout this year.

If you are looking for a place where you can find a ton of restaurants with affordable dollar meals or awesome public and bike transport options such as the Altandi and Sunnybank Station, then look no further. With readily accessible facilities like cinema and sporting clubs, Sunnybank ensures to give everything at your doorstep!

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