Keys to Selling in the 2018 Slow Housing Market

Keys to Selling in the 2018 Slow Housing Market

As we keep saying, residential and unit prices are starting to fall in value — and the best thing to do is to NOT sit around or wait for the dust to settle. How exactly do you improve your chances of selling in these difficult market times though?

Here are some key points to selling in the 2018 housing market:



As selling a home for the best price slowly gets harder and harder – and with all these buyers asking for bargains – meeting the market price becomes most essential in that “the value of any investment is only what a buyer is prepared to pay most of the time”.

Buyers are smart and they always know the correct market value of a property, so avoid all the hassle and get the pricing right to start with.

Do an extensive research on your housing market to help you set a realistic price. Look at similar homes. auction results over the last couple of months and all the sales reports on some of the online property websites, like and CoreLogic, in your area.

Make comparisons and take into account the condition of these properties as well.



Think about it. When you have already purchased  a new home to move in to, you may feel like you need to settle for the price you are offered and most likely be pressured to make that quick and cheap sale, in order to save money on settlement day.

On the other hand, if there is no another home yet for you to move to, then there will be no deadline to sell. This will give you the time you require to wait for the right price and work out the most effective marketing strategy in selling your old property.



Taking advice from local real estate agents matters a lot, and it’s important that you carefully choose who you trust. Ask your family, friends and neighbours for their recommendations. You want someone who knows how to do good advertising and efficient marketing, so make sure to find out their plans, how they will help make your property looks its best,  and how much it will cost you in general.

Aside from that, you also want a real estate agent who is honest with you right from the start – the one who no longer sets an unrealistic expectations just to make you sign up!

Hence, ensure that you are in good hands and you will NEVER be disappointed in the long run.