Facts about Carindale’s High End Real Estate Market

Facts about Carindale’s High End Real Estate Market

The One Stop Shop

Carindale… The word itself seems to be synonymous with comfort. In addition to the highly esteemed living prospects, Carindale is also equipped with recreational opportunities that suit children, adults and the elderly. Commercial prominence through Westfield’s Carindale Shopping Centre is evident, as the complex is one of the largest in Queensland. The Pacific Golf Club and Belmont State School are notably accessible, as well as several cafes, parks and restaurants.

Carindale is also just a short drive to other popular suburbs such as Bulimba, Woolloongabba and Brisbane’s CBD. Students and small-business owners can even get back and forth to the Sunshine Coast or to the Gold Coast via the easily accessible Gateway Motorway.

Carindale’s Real Estate Market

With an average of 726 visits per property and sales occurring in just a short span of 20 to 25 days, there is certainly no doubt as to why Carindale is now considered a “high demand real estate market” and Queensland’s “fastest selling property market”.

It’s no question as to why we witness motivated sellers in Carindale achieve their benchmark, as most houses in Carindale tend to be larger and more lavish than usual; 65 percent of them boasting four or more bedrooms, which is perfect for families looking to upsize. The big house isn’t all you’ll attain through buying in to the suburb, as the aforementioned comfortable lifestyle will be ever-present.

Highly Qualified Carindale “Reval” Estate Agents

While it is true that Carindale offers excellent amenities and prime access to recreational hubs, investing in the area may prove to be difficult in such a competitive marketplace. That is why you need a dedicated real estate agent who has a solid understanding of the market and it’s forever changing trends.

Reval Estate Agents are local professionals who specialize in home buying, selling and investment management. With our experience in the real estate industry, we promise that we will be able to provide you with extensive knowledge and guidance of the local area, including all the do’s and don’t’s.

If you are interested in buying or selling a property in Carindale, let Reval Estate Agents help you make your experience Beyond Compare™.

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