8 Ultimate Must-Do’s before Selling Your House

8 Ultimate Must-Do’s before Selling Your House


Careful planning and good time management are skills you need to improve when it comes to selling. Surely, you wouldn’t want to ruin everything during the Open House, so you might as well be prepared and pull yourself together to reduce mistakes especially during the sales process. Here are some must-do’s to boost your efficiency and help you avoid pitfalls of selling your house.


1. Research and set goals.

Before listing your house for sale, make sure you do all necessary research, including your area’s real estate market: the competitors, the values of properties in the area, etc. You also need to check whether you are giving your home the advantage of the best selling season. Find out the most wonderful time to sell your property and be financially ready before you invest effort into the process and move to your new home.


2. Be emotionally ready.

Besides preparing yourself financially, you also need to emotionally detach from your house and accept that you are already moving on to the next phase of your life. However, there’s also nothing wrong with hanging onto the wonderful memories you made in the past. Take your camera out and capture those “memories” in order for you to live with them forever. Then, once you gain control of your emotions, make sure that you are finally ready to start afresh and focus on your future.


3. Gather all necessary documents.

It is paramount that you already prepare all paperwork before proceeding with the sales process. Pull out the legal documents you need to sign for transferring your property’s ownership, certificates of compliance, and even the manuals and warranty paperwork you have with you. Believe us, doing this step will make your life a lot easier.


4. Choose the right price.

After discovering your area’s comparable home values through research, then you should already have an idea on what your home is worth. With these figures in your mind, think of how you can attract potential buyers to your home. What a lot of sellers do is reduce their home’s cost by 15 to 20 percent, however, it is much better if you try to get the highest possible price for your home first. Right?


5. Make a great first impression.

When you browse multiple real estate websites on the Internet, you’ll find that most of them talk about getting a good first impression from interested buyers. This is because making both the interiors and exteriors of your house look elegant is one of the things you need to take into account when selling– from making any necessary minor repairs, to replacing old equipment/furniture, to tidying up the front and back yard. This is your only chance so make sure you also pay attention to small details, including the tiling grout and the lightings. Hire a professional cleaner and have a termite inspection if needed.


Also, focus on the things that will highlight your home’s focal points; for instance, you may place wall mirrors to make the rooms even bigger and lighter.


6. Conceal critters and clutter.

It’s important to take note that not everyone likes to be surrounded by pets. If you have one, then you need to have a game plan on where you will let your pets stay during the sales process.


Moreover, don’t forget to clean the kitchen and bathroom every day after using it; you’ll never know when buyers are coming. Make sure nothing’s on the floor, and that your dirty laundry and kids’ toys are hidden from what’s readily visible. Come on, take this chance to also get rid of the things you’re not using anymore.


7.  De-personalize.

Aside from hiding a bunch of your stuff, you might also want to start packing your personal belongings up and keep them stored for awhile. As much as possible, try to get your home look neutral so that buyers can start imagining themselves living there.


8. Trust your agents.

Sellers invest money and time in hiring real estate agents, because they’re the professionals. You can do all pre-inspection and small adjustments, but don’t over-upgrade. At the end of the day, you’ll still need to consult with your agents and have them teach you in the way you should go.


Trust us. Reval agents will help you focus only on the things that need to be done to efficiently sell your property.