6 Important Tips for Presenting Your House this Spring

6 Important Tips for Presenting Your House this Spring


Spring has always been the perfect season for property sellers looking to enter the real estate market. With the sun shining and flowers constantly blooming, home sellers can take advantage of showcasing their property’s best assets to wow their prospective buyers. Aside from highlighting the qualities of a seller’s property, the warmer weather also encourages buyers to go out and attend home inspections.


1. Start Now and Grow High Above the Competition

Entering the spring real estate market also means entering a competition. The word competition in itself might already scare you off if you are not familiar with the hacks of real estate. In this case, seeking assistance from the best real estate agents can help you learn more about the positive aspects of spring and how you, as a seller, can make the most out of this season. Get started now and be ready to emphasize your home’s strength and gain that huge advantage over your competitors.


2. Get that Favorable First Impression

Just by looking at the exterior of your house in a span of seconds, clients already know whether they would want to proceed with buying the property or not. This is why boosting your home’s curb appeal comes at a crucial point. Here’s a bit of  what works with some successful property sellers, but it all comes down to your preference on what to do in your area:


  • Tie colorful balloons to the sale sign outside your house.
  • Improve your front lawn and be sure that your house is clearly visible by eliminating clutter out of your front yard.
  • Hiring a garden designer or a well-known gardener to help you in designing your lawn, from planting of fragrant and non-allergic flowers to trimming those bushes.
  • Ensure that your roof is in tip-top shape to complete that look that would greatly appease the buyers


Apart from the curb appeal, enhancing your interior also adds value to your property. Do a general house cleaning and repaint walls with bright and cheerful color if necessary. Polishing the windows is also significant if you want to reap all the benefits the spring sunlight can bring into your house. In addition, make sure that appliances are cleaned, old fluorescents are replaced, and rooms and wardrobes are organized, making them seem larger and more appealing to the buyer’s eyes.

3.  Make Appropriate Repairs before Home Selling

Deep cleaning your home is not enough in order to make your property look its best. Hiring a few more people to do home repair and maintenance services should also be on your list of priorities. However, you would  also want to do the pre-repairs and be your own electrician and plumber to avoid spending too much money, as long as you know what you are doing!

4. Establish a Fair and Reasonable Price

Another benefit of spring is the fact that prospective clients usually get their income tax returns during this season. However, even though they can afford more expensive properties,  a fair and reasonable price would essentially attract as many potential buyers to your house as possible. Remember, not too high, yet not too low or buyers might think there is something wrong with your property.


5. Do Careful Planning

A few days after listing your property, expect a number of interested buyers who would want to check out your house. So make sure your home’s availability is more important than ever to accommodate your client’s needs at any cost. If you have kids and pets at home, you need to have a spare place to stay and a list of activities especially during those home inspection period.


6. Hire the Best Real Estate Agents

Despite your several weeks of prior research, hiring the best real estate agents is still essential if you want to sell your home in spring. Reval Estate Agents can assist you in preparing your home for sale, and then effectively marketing your home to ensure the highest perception of value is created, and your sale price is maximised.