4122: The Hidden Gem of Brisbane

4122: The Hidden Gem of Brisbane

Situated in the South-East part of Brisbane, we reckon Mount Gravatt is an awesome place to live, simply because it has everything! The suburb is divided into Mount Gravatt East, Upper Mount Gravatt and Mount Gravatt proper, while Mansfield and Wishart are just within its neighborhood.


Mount Gravatt

Mount Gravatt is definitely one of the largest suburbs in Brisbane and has been re-energised in the recent years along with the other suburbs. Lots of affordable residential properties are now being renovated and the number of developing units and towns within the areas is continuously increasing. It still has the natural beauty though, that makes the suburb ideal for those who like to live in a peaceful space.

From the main campus of Griffith University to great city views to a wide range of shopping centres like Westfield Garden City, there’s no doubt as to why this multicultural suburb has become very cool and trendy. Young urban areas like Mount Gravatt East and Mount Gravatt proper are populated by students, middle class, and young families who are seeking stability. Aside from that, Mount Gravatt has become a bustling community hub. With lots of business centres (e.g. Suncorp Business Centre and Crespoint House) surrounding it, numerous professionals, managers, and businesses are provided with convenience and outstanding office situation. What’s even better is that: Most of its centres and major retailers are close to restaurants, banks, financial institutions, an Event cinemas complex, fantastic coffee shops such as Hallowed Grounds Espresso, Blacksmith Specialty Coffee, Swich Espresso, Stomp Espresso, Little Green, and a lot more.

The suburb has also an extensive choices of churches, libraries, aquatic centres, parks and schools; and interestingly, it is on the edge of the CBD, which is 9-10 kilometers away from the city. Art, culture, scout halls and some other excellent areas for families are also highlighted in here, that is why its residents agree that this bright and friendly suburb is the place to be and is definitely a home for great living.

Upper Mount Gravatt, moreover, has community centres and a vibrant culture like Mount Gravatt Marketta, a new night market that is dedicated to save everyone’ stomachs! With affordable mouth-watering street food and live music every Saturday night, this great food market is surprisingly a relaxing – and also a weatherproof, free parking space – where you can catch up and have a good time with your family, friends and loved ones. This authentic market also offers wine, beer and cocktails, a white hot chocolate, and some desserts to wash down all of this great foodie experience.

Mansfield and Wishart

Now, how about the family-friendly suburbs of Mansfield and Wishart?

The lovely and leafy Mansfield has a lot of streets, parks, and an excellent choice of both public and private schools such as the highly sought after Mansfield State High. Aside from that, there are also school catchment areas, shopping and entertainment centres in this peaceful suburb that makes it a more recommendable place for families and anyone who’s looking to have a comfortable way of life.

Wishart, on the other hand, is a clean, green and well-established suburb. It is also a perfect quiet place for families, as it has a good neighbourhood spirit. Besides, Wishart is also surrounded by bus stations and a thousand car spaces for parking and public transportation. Gateway, Pac Highway, Carindale, the airport, and some local restaurants located in Coorparoo are also just a few minutes drive away for your convenience.

Basically, this suburb is just another great Western Brisbane. With lots of schools, parks, reserves and shopping options like everywhere else in QLD 4122, Wishart is definitely considered as one of the classiest and booming suburbs in Brisbane.