3 Helpful Facts on Finding the Right Agent

3 Helpful Facts on Finding the Right Agent


Finding the right real estate agent in Brisbane to assist you in your campaign is a challenge in itself than actually buying or selling a house. Talking to a lot of agents can be frustrating, and sometimes, you might think you have talked to “The One” but once the processes get going, you can find out quickly that the agent could not execute the plan you initially discussed.


There are too many ‘signs of a poor real estate agent’ articles on the net, however, a lot of them just talk about basic things, like an agent being unresponsive, or an agent that is very unprofessional. This article won’t tackle those things anymore, but instead, let’s go into finer details on what makes a real estate agent stand out above these industry let downs.


1. Find an agent that can bring out details in your property to the fullest.

Identifying all key areas of the property, and not just focusing on just one part of the transaction, is a sign of being a good real estate agent. This person would just not sell but showcase the property well, pointing out things that even customers who did proper research wouldn’t know.


A Reval Estate Agent would tell you what the materials of the property are made of, ensuring that you are going to get what your property is worth. One of our agents have been in the building trade for a long time before he became a part of the Reval Team. If he sees something that the customer doesn’t really know about, he tells them that these are things in their property that would net them more profit if showcased properly. Knowing these things helps an agent show the true value of the property, such as what an arched ceiling is and having you get more from it.


2. The agent cares more about what you need over just making a sale.

Have you ever had that feeling that even though an agent is smiling while talking to you, it feels like his or her soul is somewhere else whenever you are talking about things other than your transaction? This should not be the case. In fact, it shouldn’t be like this not just in real estate but also with whoever you are talking to in the service industry.


A Reval Estate Agent assists in any inquiries a buyer or seller makes. We know that this is a “big deal”, such that buying or selling one’s home is not an easy decision. From the first point of contact to the last conversation after handing over keys to the house, we show our care by providing every inch of support to ease the buyers or sellers. We tell the customers that they are not alone in doing that one thing that will have a big impact in their life; they have an expert that will guide them along the way.


3. The agent ALWAYS follows up after the sale.

Providing ‘after-care’ even when a property transaction has been closed is also one good characteristic of being a good agent. The agent thinks that he or she still has much to do especially when it comes to checking the buyer or the seller’s concerns; for instance, if something goes awry immediately after the settlement.


A Reval Estate Agent gives out after-sale support and checks in with the customers right after the point of sale. To go the extra mile, we even get reviews for the service we have done, helping out our agents make improvements along the way.


These are just a few of the things that customers hate to see in a real estate agent. If you have anything else to add, feel free to talk to us on Facebook or Twitter. Knowing your experiences would greatly help the team to improve!