What are your PLANS before Christmas?

What are your PLANS before Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are planning on moving out of your home in January, then you need to be aggressive in this part of the year!

Some would think that with less than 100 days left until Christmas, the likelihood of having one’s home purchased is low. But actually, there are researches claiming that selling before Christmas is ideal. Don’t think about putting that tree up in your house nor about buying Christmas presents for your loved ones YET. You need to get going and start selling as early as October if possible. Believe us, you’ll be more excited to decorate your NEW home and purchase those Christmas presents once you successfully sell your property before the holiday. After all, it won’t take too long to put up some Christmas decorations, right?

Another reason why selling before Christmas won’t be a pain in the neck is because the average selling days for houses in Australia seems to be less than a hundred in almost every capital city. Research carried out by Michelle Hele, an Online Real Estate Editor from News Corp Australia reads: 51 days in Sydney, 74 days in Adelaide, 85 days in Hobart, 58 days in Perth, and both 66 days in Brisbane and Melbourne. You could, in fact, have your home listed in LESSER days depending on where you live or on the number of motivated buyers in your area.

Worry not about the number of motivated buyers. Surely, there will be A LOT since many people would have the same thought as you during this time of the year – which is to move to a new home before Christmas and start a fresh life for the next year. Aside from that, there are also those who want to change or transfer jobs in January for new beginnings. Even those people who want to maximize the tax benefits for the year-end exist so you have nothing to be anxious about “selling before Christmas!”

Now, have you made any plans already? If not, then check out these sure-fire tips for a smooth selling process:


1. Calculate your budget effectively.

We all know that this is something you should be doing no matter what type of budget you need to create. But this time, take a hard look at your finances and find out how much you are willing to spend on the entire selling process, including your move to your next new home. You might also be prepared to spend money on insurances and preparation costs for renovation, decoration, etc.


2. Get that favorable first impression.

Don’t get too comfortable! Even though you’ll be meeting lots of motivated buyers during the holiday season, you should still be working on making a first great impression. It’s important that you have your home look its best: Check out your home from the outside and find a way on how it can get the attention of the people passing by it. In this case, you’ll also be needing some help or advice from someone else on how you can improve the looks of your home. Real Estate Agents are often good for this, as they know what buyers are looking for, and provide solid value adding advice.

The next step is to work on the curb appeal. Ensure the tidiness of your property’s exterior by cleaning your windows and front door. You should also mow the lawn and trim any hedges in your front yard to make your home look more attractive to potential buyers.

Lastly, proceed with the interiors. Declutter your home like every home seller would need to do. If necessary, hire a professional cleaner to tidy your home from top to bottom. You might also want to throw or sell the things you don’t really need anymore so that your home will seem more fresh and spacious. Adding candles or nicely-scented items to your rooms might be of help, too!


3. Gather all important files.

You cannot sell your house without having all the required documents for the process on hand. Gather everything such as your proof of identity, the property title deed, tax statements, and of course, all other documents that your real estate agent and buyer will need to see. If necessary, keep your files organised and secure in an envelope or folder. Take note: this will not only hold your documents but this will also make it easier for you to find whatever paperwork you need.


4. Hire a lawyer.

You also need a lawyer to carry out the necessary legal work for you any time during the selling process. Because of this, it is certainly important that you also have the money to pay for other costs such as attorney costs and all other legal expenses that might be involved in selling your property. But if there is someone that your friends and relatives can recommend, then it would be better.


5. Price it right.

Expect motivated buyers to be generous and easily pleased during the holiday season so stick to pricing your home right. Just make sure you put in all your effort in welcoming prospective buyers and in making your property look glorious, and you won’t have any problem with selling it quickly. Who knows? They might find you too cool for not overpricing, and decide to just voluntary pay you MORE due to your honesty.


6. Present your home in an exciting way.

Decorating your home isn’t enough to attract prospective buyers into viewing your home. But what’s crucial in this overall sales process is the way you present your property. Remember, the key to selling your home all boils down on how you PROMOTE it to the buyer’s market so advertise effectively and you’re going to have the merriest Christmas ever!


7. Select the best real estate agent.

There are lots of real estate agents around, but what you need is the one that’s experienced and knowledgeable enough to assist you with the sale of your property, regardless of the season and the area that you’re in.

Get opinions from several real estate agents first before settling on one. Ask them about their previous experience as well as the strategies they will be carrying out to market your property, including how they plan to get you the BEST price possible. You can also get estimates from them based on similar properties they have sold, as this will allow you to know if your home is priced right.


Here at Reval, firstly we find out YOUR ideal outcome, from there we give suggestions on what else you can do to improve your property and we progress with your agenda. We will not partake in just facilitating a transaction, as that is not what we are about. Our whole entire product is about getting you a result that is Beyond Compare™.

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