Things to Consider Before Moving into a New Home

Things to Consider Before Moving into a New Home

Admit it. Though moving is something that most of us will probably do over and over – either due to family growth or something else – we still think it’s a pain in the neck. Just imagining all the things you need to go over and you’ll go crazy trying to figure out the first step to take. One thing is for sure: Regardless of who or where you are, the process of moving into a new home is the same with almost everyone. We’ve put together an easy-to-use checklist of the most common things you need to consider (and do in advance) in order to have a lot less stressful and efficient move:


Careful planning is the most important part of the process. List down everything you have to change, transfer, buy and do even before you start packing or unpacking your stuff. And if you can, do some brainstorming with your family too! For instance, discuss what your children and pets will do on the actual moving day. It might be time-consuming, but we promise you, it’ll be smoother and more beneficial for you in the long run.

Updating and Transferring Information

List down all the current bills (e.g. electricity, water) in your name, including gas, garbage and sewer. and start calling the companies, to transfer to the new address. It’s important that you do this in advance, as they might not accomplish everything in just a day or two. You also don’t want your mail going to the new people living in your old home, right? So, another way to make the process a wee bit faster is to change your address with the post office or online by filling out some forms, if there is any.

Updating your friends, relatives and other relevant people in your business is a MUST. Notify them of your new address and contact information, so you won’t be missing out on something important when they get in touch with you.

Getting Free Boxes and Cheap Packing Supplies

You’re not in your mind if you think of moving without any boxes and packing tools on hand. Whether you purchase them or you get them for free using your resourcefulness, it’s fine. Though of course, it’d be nicer to have them for free. If you want, you can contact furniture stores (also in advance), as they can provide you with different sizes of boxes. You’ll also be needing to gather packing supplies such as scissors, glue, screwdrivers, and any sorts of tape, as these are the crucial items you’ll be using when setting up your new home.

Inventorying and Making Sure Everything Fits

Before actually packing your stuff and deciding what to take into your new home, it’s best if you first check measurements of your furnitures. Check if they’re still going to fit in your new place, so you could leave the ones that wouldn’t anymore. Then, start taking stock of your possessions.

You may also think about where you'll put everything, from books to detergent. A well-placed extra shelf, shoe racks, containers, etc. will go a long way toward making the house much easier to live in.

Finding a Truck and Seeking Help

First off, you need to determine whether you’re going to hire a moving company or you’ll simply just rent a truck. Either way, you need to consider a lot of things such as its cost per km/hour, insurance, reservation and the booking date. OR, if you’re lucky and you own a truck or any vehicle where all your possessions fit, then that’s one less worry.

Finally, seek help from your friends! Moving with friends is a lot more fun, and it makes everything go much easier and faster. So, if you think they’re free, then why not ask them to accompany and help you with your move?

Moving In

Now, let us proceed to the actual moving in. Check out these moving essentials you should do as soon as you have the keys to your new home:

Contact Your Energy and Insurance Provider (Again)

Though you’ve already contacted particular companies and insurance providers for disconnection of your previous home, you will still need to call or reach out to them again – for connection this time if it has not already been done. Provide them again with your new address and contact information, and clarify necessary updates so that there will be no conflicts between you and the previous owners/tenants of your new home, if there is any.

Organising and Cleaning the House

While most owners/tenants will have the property professionally cleaned up before moving out, some won’t. And even if they do, you’ll surely want to have another clean before you move in. It’s up to you whether you’ll hire professional cleaners or you’ll just DIY as long as the most important jobs will be done:

– streaming the carpets

– thorough cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen

– washing down cabinets and counters

– keeping an eye out for heater, plumbing leaks, dripping faucets and running toilets

– getting rid of pests (mice, rats, termites, roaches, etc.)

– painting of walls and ceilings

– getting the mechanical equipment, such as the heating and cooling systems, cleaned and serviced