Selling Your Property? There is STILL TIME!

Selling Your Property? There is STILL TIME!

Buyers nowadays are more serious than ever! With Christmas Day approaching, these people go crazy looking for the right home so they can be moved in by the New Year. You’ll be surprised to see them roaming around the streets or browsing the Internet, looking for homes for sale. Well, these buyers most likely don’t think that an 8 to 10-week time period is still PLENTY! Other than that, these motivated buyers already know that there are lesser properties left on the market at this time of the year, and they’re definitely going to take advantage of this.

Today’s generations are more prepared and they make sure to keep the settlement period in mind. In Sydney for instance: Although it only usually takes about 6 weeks to settle a property there, motivated buyers who are looking into this work ahead if they can.

Besides, it might be more difficult if you postpone selling until January or early next year. Finalization of contracts usually happen before the holiday break starts, so don’t be the last one to grab the opportunity!

If you truly want to move to a NEW home before Christmas, then you need to get going now while there is STILL time! Aside from the quick sale and higher offers you can get, you will also have time to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones or maybe attend to a few holiday events once you manage to sell your property in less than 8 weeks. Don’t you want that?


Take a look at these great tips on how you can list that property:

1. Get your home 100% ready to sell.

  • Be Familiarized with Your Property
Although you’ve been living with your current home for quite a long time now, you still need to EXACTLY know it and be familiarized with its every corner. Learn about the condition of your home, such as what else needs to be improved and fixed in it, and even your neighborhood.
One important thing you need to do when selling and (most of all) starting a new year is to depersonalize your current property. Let the potential buyers imagine themselves living in their FUTURE home by getting rid of the overly personal stuff displayed in any part of your house, such as your family portraits, heirlooms and other personal keepsakes.
In short, keep your house as neutral and simple as you possibly can. So, start hiding that favorite painting of yours and put out the one that you think will be adored by the majority!
  • Do NOT Spare a Room!
Always work on with those spare rooms you have in your house! If possible, try to be creative and give each of your spare room a purpose especially if you want to let prospective buyers see and feel the versatility of your home. For instance, you can turn your old guest room into a recording studio, or your home office into a craft room. Why not, right?
In fact, even the living room can be something else. Make it much more relaxing and ensure that you organize the furniture in a way that invites the family to converse with each other. In other words, help them envision themselves strengthening their family/bond relationships.
Start with the things that you CAN control – which are the big clutters you might have in your home. Declutter, declutter, declutter! This is what you should be doing first and foremost if you want to really showcase your home. Read up some articles on the web on how you can properly do this and you can also hire the best professional cleaner and stager in your area if you feel necessary. Make sure that there are no large pieces of equipment blocking the way or else your home’s space would appear confined and uncomfortable for the buyers.
Basically, look at your home through the eyes of the house hunters! From interiors to exteriors, evaluate your property as if you are seeing it for the first time, and if there’s anything you can still improve, work on it.


2. Seek valuations for your home.

Do a comparative market analysis by getting estimates from three or more local real estate agents – the price of the similar properties they have recently sold in your target area if possible.

However, what you need to take note about this step is to make sure you’re not just literally going to get the HIGHEST price for your home. Establishing an appropriate price is your key to selling SOON!


3. Settle on the best solicitor.

There are numerous property lawyers and solicitors everywhere, but it’s crucial that you select the one that can work within your required time frame – the one that can hastily yet carefully prepare all the documents and contracts you need to sell your property.

When everything else is settled then, make sure you still carry on with the process and don’t be afraid to follow up with your solicitor, as you have all the right to know what’s going and what else should still be done.

4. Always Ready to Show Off

Don’t be tempted to go Christmas partying yet! If you decided to sell your property at this time of the year, then it follows that you should make your property available for the home viewers at ALL TIMES.


5.  Listen to the most experienced real estate agent.

What you need is an experienced local agent that is equipped with professionalism and relevant skills required when selling a property – the one that’s PROVEN to consistently and proactively list and successfully sell in your target market (Carindale, Sunnybank or Upper Mount Gravatt).

Here at Reval, we employ efficient marketing strategies that can set your property up for a quick sale even in the holiday season, so KEEP CALM and let us handle the entire process.

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