It is not TIME for the TREE yet!

It is not TIME for the TREE yet!

It seems that we are AGAIN fast approaching the “Silly Season” and, as usual, a lot of people have already come up with a travel itinerary for the holidays or have started buying Christmas presents.

How about you? Have you already thought of putting a TREE up in your living area? Well, this is perfectly fine if you have no intention of selling your home, but otherwise put those “Ball Balls” DOWN and think about the BIGGER benefits you will get if you managed to sell your house before the Silly Season.

You may not know it, but selling a property during this time of the year will actually give you more opportunities to make your house stand out from the crowd. For now, you just need to forget about stuffing the turkey and learn where your advantages lie:

Less Competition

As soon as you put up the Christmas tree in your current property, it would mean that you have committed to staying there until the following year. We all know how much of a chore it is to drag the tree out of the shed and set it up, so you wouldn’t want to be doing that twice, right? If you are planning to sell your house, use the optimal marketplace this SPRING and ensure you know exactly where you will be unwrapping the gifts and kissing under the mistletoe.

It’s common knowledge that when Spring has sprung, the Real Estate Market goes in to overdrive; to put it simply, it’s the best time of the year to sell, as you see homeowners achieving prices above and beyond their expectations. But what about a few weeks before Christmas? Well, what several homeowners do is that they delay getting their house on the market until next spring. Some of those with unsold properties even tend to withdraw their house from the market once spring season is almost over.

If you really want to maximise your odds of spending Christmas in your next new HOME, then act quickly and ride the current wave of high numbers and great figures this Spring. You may also want to imagine the LARGE number of buyers that will go check out your home during this time, maximising volume, feedback and offers – getting you the best price attainable for your property.

If you’re convinced, then do not wait for next year to come! Grab this opportunity NOW while there is potential to achieve your dream result in selling your property. Keep the buyers’ attention and make sure that your property is always available for home inspection.

Creating a Sense of Urgency for Buyers

While you are busy making plans on how you can sell your property, hundreds of prospective buyers are also working very hard to find a home where they can move in and put a tree up in preparation for the Christmas Day.

Most businesses also focus on winding things down before the holiday break, which is why buyers are having much more time and energy to scout and check out properties that appeal to their taste. Take advantage of this and consider the fact that there will be a high volume of buyers flooding the market around this time.

PRO TIPS: Start decluttering your home and make a good first impression. Sure, you may put out those snowflakes, wreaths and garlands if you want to. It’s Christmas anyway. BUT at least keep the decor to a MINIMUM. You don’t want to just replace the things you have decluttered with a whole bunch of new ones, do you? Remember, it would be nice if you let the prospective buyers feel that they already OWN your house so try not to overwhelm them with those enchanting decorations.

Make sure to also have a balance between highlighting the homely nature and presenting a layout that optimises space. For example, instead of putting up a huge christmas tree in your living room, you could just buy a small, yet divine tabletop Christmas tree that would serve as your room’s cheerful centerpiece. Most importantly, get everything done before the Christmas festivities! OR ELSE your House for Sale will just end up neglected due to the so-called “Holiday Pressure”… Hmm, what are you waiting for?

A Semi “Hassle Free” Holiday Decorating

As mentioned above, getting a favorable first impression from your prospective buyers is indeed CRUCIAL. But unlike in spring, you don’t need to do an “overkill” when it comes to boosting your home’s curb appeal during the Christmas season. Just take this opportunity to make the buyers feel warm and cozy when they visit your home. Provide them with an ambience that is reflective of a calm and pleasant living environment.

Earlier Submission of Paperwork

In addition to the “sense of urgency”, another thing you will enjoy when selling a property prior to the Silly Season is the faster and smoother process of paperwork. Expect that almost all buyers during this time of the year are already submitting whatever paperwork they would need for the entire home buying and selling process. Who would want to push themselves at work doing all these admin and tax requirements during the holidays, right?

Cheerful Customers

As the Silly Season approaches, we also often find ourselves feeling happier and more calm due to Christmas cheerful spirits. This is essentially a great time for you to ACT, especially that buyers are most likely to be in a better mood for all those negotiations, and when it comes to the wallet, potentially more generous.

Take note as well that this is the time where most people are being self-reflective and ALWAYS wanting to start a fresh chapter of life. AND what does it mean? Right. It’s moving to a new home.

Having an Appealing Neighborhood

If you happen to be selling your property and you can’t put up those Christmas lanterns, don’t forget that your neighborhood still CAN. Don’t fret, because this just means that you don’t have to worry about getting the attention of the buyers anymore. Seeing all those festive lights and decorations, buyers will certainly be attracted that they might want to visit your area.

Higher than Your Expected Price

Motivated buyers understand the real estate market well and make sure to explore the streets regardless of any circumstantial business. They know that only a few houses are available on the market that are right for them and they just want to be the first one to find the BEST.

So, if you are selling your house in an area where there are motivated buyers, the chances of you having a QUICK SALE are also high. You might even receive an offer that’s HIGHER than your original asking price if you just consider the advantage of this season.

Availability of the Real Estate Agents

Regardless of what season you are in, real estate agents would always say YES when it comes to listing your home. They know the market better than anyone, and make it their pride to know exactly the right approach to find you the best sale price of your property.

Come to think of it. Real estate agents wouldn’t engage you in a “sales talk” if they know that you won’t be getting any good from it. They are PROFESSIONALS and they have their own ways on getting your house on the market no matter how bad the season or the weather is. You can also depend on them “anytime, anywhere”, and even during the holidays.

Aside from that, real estate agents will also be more focused on your property. Remember, there will only be a few sellers during this time compared to spring. So, have your home listed NOW and be in a much stronger position with regards to negotiating the purchase of another house.

The Silly Season will sneak up on you especially if you have plans on selling and settling your property PRIOR to Christmas. DO NOT fall into the trap of putting up your Christmas tree too early. You may not want to be disturbed during the holidays, but aren’t you just letting your chances slip by? Think about it. If you’re not going to be ready to have your home listed before Christmas, you will just probably have to wait again until January…

Reval Estate Agents are highly qualified local agents and definitely the ones you can depend on during this hectic period of time. List down all your real estate “holiday” inquiries and we will be more than willing to answer them despite the Silly Season.

At Reval, we assure you that we can have your current home SOLD for a price Beyond Compare ™ If you’re looking to sell your property in Carindale, Sunnybank and Upper Mount Gravatt, then quickly put the tinsel down and find out THE best strategies on how we can have you putting your TREE up in your new home this year.

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