Buyers do not pack up their Tree until FEB?

Buyers do not pack up their Tree until FEB?

Several homeowners are still caught up in the traditional concept that spring is the only season where you can best sell a house. Others, on the other hand, believe that it’s fine to list their property in January, thinking that the holiday season is already over by this time. What these people don’t realize is that most buyers might have not even packed up their tree until February.

Just to give a brief background: It is somehow expected that the Christmas mood may continue for quite a while for a lot of households due to Christian’s belief that Christmas should end on the 2nd of February or what is called the Candlemas Day, the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Aside from that, there are also residents who just choose to keep the holiday festivity going as long as they haven’t finished buying all the presents they want to give or perhaps did not receive.

Knowing that most properties are looking their best during spring, plus this huge selling misconception during Christmas season, there’s no doubt as to why a lot of homeowners hold back. But think about it; these are also the reasons why homeowners should reconsider.

Selling a house actually picks no season. As long as you apply the proper strategies and you understand the market well, you will be fine. Here are some more reasons why you should be getting your property on the market NOW.


The Earlier the Better

A couple of months from now, people from all over the world will be extremely busy putting their Christmas tree up into their house. There will be preparations here and there, and everyone is going to be fully booked during Christmas and even until a few months after the New Year’s Day. The holiday hangover will most probably be experienced and this only means that you are highly unlikely to be settled by March – or even later than that – if you don’t start selling your property as soon as possible.

Don’t think twice and have your home listed as early as now in order for you to have the merriest Christmas ever! There are even higher chances that you will sell your property faster, since potential buyers would most likely “House Hunt” first before they go shopping for Christmas – if they are really planning to move into a new home before the year ends.


Less Competition

…and since a lot of property owners are still fond of these spring/Christmas myths and not willing to sell now, there is a HUGE opportunity that you will have lesser competitors. With fewer homes on the market, you can definitely avoid competing with a pool of these new houses and you will even be able to make your property stand out among the crowd – or even get a better price on it.

This is your chance to get your house shine for buyers and you can also take advantage of the fact that it’s almost the holiday season – school will be out and most families are starting to go on a vacation. Don’t miss your chance! This is the perfect time for buyers to look for homes and tour an open house, you know.


More Prospective Clients

Other than “motivated buyers” chasing your homes for mandatory reasons such as relocation and tax benefits, you will also get to see them all prepared to make their move. Besides, what do you prefer: to have lots of showings with hesitant buyers or fewer ones with serious buyers? Well, it’s the latter for most real estate agents – and pretty sure, this is also what you want to happen when you sell your house, don’t you? Think carefully. They’re not even as few as you imagine, since there’s still a good number of potential buyers who still have their eyes peeled during this season. Remember, this is the period where most people are taking their time off for the holidays.


Urgent Buying due to Job Transfers

We usually see people transferring or changing jobs in January, since a lot of companies shut down over the Christmas period and people start to reassess their daily lives. If this is the case, those who realized that they might need to have a new job for the upcoming year tend to be motivated and have the urge to buy a new home immediately – thinking maybe of starting the next year fresh and right.


Christmas: Tapping into Emotions

It’s mandatory to be happy during the holiday! With the Christmas spirit bringing out a lot of positive emotions in people, buyers would most likely purchase your home right away. You just have to make sure that it appears comfortable even in any kind of Christmas weather.

Take a look at these tips on how you can decorate your home for your future showings this upcoming holiday:

  • Avoid Overkilling It​

For this holiday, make sure that you do not put every-shiny-thing as your Christmas decors. Decorations are just add-ons and if you display too much of it, potential buyers might think of your home as some Christmas store in the area rather than a House 4 Sale. But if you are putting some wreaths and garlands into your house, just remember to at least keep them to a minimum.

Take note: Get rid of clutters and unnecessary furniture so your home would look bigger and more spacious!

  • Depersonalize Your Home

It’s also important to keep the decors out of your personal style and taste. Not everyone has the same preference as yours when it comes to design and furnishings so if you’re planning to set up a Nativity scene in your home, think over. Keep these Christian Christmas decorations and design your home as neutral yet attractive as possible so that buyers would feel welcome and appreciated.

You can also make your home smell nice and be the first choice of the buyers. Fresh baked, holiday cookies or bread are perfect. You can add some fragrance of vanilla oil into your home or you can also simmer a mixture of cinnamon sticks, cloves, and a couple of bay leaves in order to get that Christmas feel even in the hot summer days.

  • Show Off Your Home the Right Way

You will be meeting serious and motivated buyers at this time of the year so expect them to check and criticize your home. Don’t try to hide the flaws and instead, fix or replace them even before they find these cracks or broken faucets during the inspection. You don’t want these buyers to lose their trust in the home, do you?


There are indeed a lot of good reasons why you need to sell your property before Christmas. If you are physically and emotionally ready and need to get going, then why wait? You are only going to risk the chances of selling your property for nothing if you keep delaying. Don’t wait till January unless you want to get these buyers while they’re unsure and unhappy!

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