4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Property

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Property


For someone who’s buying their own house or residential property, it seems to be both thrilling and overwhelming at the same time. That is why having a list of useful things to consider is crucial before proceeding with the purchasing process.


1. Where do I buy?

As a first time homebuyer, this should probably be the first thing you consider. Whether you are considering buying a property in a new city or across the country,  it is important that you do serious research on that area’s real estate market. Also, consider getting data and trends on the suburb you are planning to move in to be able to make smart investing and occupying decisions.


However, getting the demographics and specific information on your desired suburbs on the Internet is not enough. Thus, talking to the top real estate agents in your preferred area will still be the best part of your planning. With their assistance, you will have a further grasp on what properties are still available in your target area, their average costs, as well as their property values.


PRO TIP: Though individuals have their own preferences, in major capital cities, looking for areas of continuous development should also be considered when buying a property. From there, you can narrow your choices down and figure out which location suits your taste and which you think is the most accessible.


2. Am I going to buy an old or a new house?

Another thing you have to consider, is if you are buying an old but cheaper property, or something new but priced higher. This is important, since there will be several situations you will be facing once you make this decision. You need to have a list of properties collated by the best people in the industry to have an extensive choice for your future home.


If you are having thoughts on renovating an old property,  you will need to make sure to determine its condition, components, and overall structure. Just because your chosen house was strong enough to withstand storms and other natural disasters before, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s still the case today. Check also that the floor plan suits your ideas, and won’t cost you additional money for customisation and renovations while you are living in it.


Otherwise, purchasing a more recently built house can also be a good option if you think that repairs, replacements, upgrades, would only stress you out of your mind. Modern houses, as they address the needs of today’s living conditions, have way more features and amenities than traditional ones.


How about the insurance and warranty? Do these things matter to you? Weigh the pros and cons. After all, everything just boils down to what fits your budget.


3. Is my target home’s neighborhood safe?

Of course, aside from online research, you also need to tour your target home’s neighborhood yourself and see the safety of the area. Look around and pay attention to the surroundings. Are most walls vandalized? Is there a large number of broken fences, damaged windows, and neglected yards? If yes, then there might be something wrong in the area.


However, you wouldn’t want to easily  jump to that conclusion. One thing you can do then, is to talk to local residents around the place. Ask them about what type of  behavior exists in the neighborhood, and if it’s a place they would highly recommend for you and your family , especially if you have kids!


4. How can I find the best real estate advisers?

Simple. Choose a real estate agency that demonstrates more value than what they charge. Here at Reval, we promise to provide you the assistance that can ensure a smooth and seamless purchasing process. Check out our comprehensive range of residential listings to help you find the best place to live. We will not partake in just facilitating a transition as that it not what we are about. Our whole entire product is about getting you a result that is Beyond Compare™.


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